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10 Ways Of Generating Leads Part 2
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Here goes the second part of 10 ways of generating leadsMLM Lead Generation Funnel

Generating Leads Method #6. Article Marketing

Article marketing is the process of creating keyword rich articles and submitting them to directories in order to create backlinks to your blog or website that you wish to direct your traffic.

By creating backlinks, it helps to rank your web page higher on search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. Which means your article is found and read more and in turn creates more leads for your business.

The leads generated will be highly targeted and specific as your articles will only be directed towards the type of leads you seek. Make sure each one of your article is focused on one keyword or on its alternative, for example, MLM Malaysia and Direct Selling Malaysia.

Through article marketing, it will take time to get some results. The game is to distribute your articles to as many directories as possible. And these articles should not be a duplicate of one another, Google penalizes for that! Yes, there are many tools that can help you to spin the articles and submit to many directories. One of them is Article Marketing Robot, with over 8,000 article directories!

Generating Leads Method #7. Blogs / SEO

A lot of people overlook this fact, but blogging is a very important aspect of driving traffic to your website. Unlike corporate websites which are static, blogging is dynamic. With every fresh content that is published, search engine spiders start crawling and indexing the new blog posts which in turn drive lots of traffic to your website. If you are an owner of a corporate website, it’s highly recommended to incorporate a blog to your site.
Lead Generating_Blogging_SEO
Similar to article marketing, it’s advised to focus on one or similar keywords per each blog post for optimization. Keep a nice balance through out, from the title to the conclusion of the post. You don’t want to over stuff the post with many keywords as the Search Engine spiders do not like this.

Below are some very basic SEO strategies for your posts:

  • Try to begin the post with a sentence that includes the keyword
  • Include subheadings with the main keyword or similar (eg: mlm leads, direct selling leads) in different head tags. The first subheading in Heading 2 (< h2 >), Heading 1 (< h1 >) and Heading 3 (< h3 >) respectively
  • Make the keywords one of each – bold, italics and underline
  • Include the main keyword in each paragraph
  • Try to finish the blog post with a sentence that includes the keyword – if only it flows and makes sense

Social bookmarking is another benefit that you can add to your blog posts. By adding plug-ins for sharing on different social networks, it creates more traffic to your blog as the posts are read by your primary visitors, their friends and so on. This also increases the ranking on search engines.

Generating Leads Method #8. Referrals

One way of boosting referrals from existing database is to offer them incentives for each referral that result in a sale. This can be done easily online through Paypal or other methods of money transfer. Referral-Key-Lead-Generation

This can lead to a noticeable increase in sales as people are motivated if they receive a benefit.
One of the social networks that incorporate this strategy is Referral Key. It is a fairly new thing and some people call it “the new LinkedIn”. No harm in checking out!

Generating Leads Method #9. Live Events

Live events are a great way to generate leads; either you are the presenter or one of the participants. By presenting at an event, you are offering a solution to a problem that your target market is really looking to solve. Each and every person who attends your seminar is a QUALITY LEAD!
And remember, when you are on the stage and presenting to the whole audience filled with the type of people you are looking for, you become an authoritative figure in their eyes. And they will want to work with you. Meaning they will chase you, rather than you chasing them.

If you are not the speaker, try to attend lots of those great self development and other types of events.

OK, why would you attend the event in the first place? I believe it is because you are looking for an answer to your situation. Because you are driven and motivated to change whatever circumstance you are facing. And so is the same for the rest of the thousand people in the auditorium. You never know who you might get to sit next to, perhaps your next business partner!

Generating Leads Method #10. Signature

Have you realized that we constantly keep exchanging emails with clients, friends, family and even strangers? So why not make use of this opportunity to attract others and prompt them to click on your link on your signature?

If you have a look at the bottom of this post, you will find my contact details with the link to our Facebook Fan page and a link to “Work With Us”. And each and every post published on this blog is distributed to over 20 social media networks and from there they get redistributed by friends and so on. Every single time a person reads these posts, they will come across my signature with these important links. In turn I get leads for just including this little piece of information on my posts!

That’s all from me for the different ways of generating leads.

Hope you enjoyed it, if so please share and comment!

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