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10 Ways of Generating Leads Part 1
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Welcome to 10 Ways of Generating Leads Part 1 for your MLM business. In each part I’m going to share five different strategies that will help you and your home based business to start generating leads and converting them as your team members.

Formula for Generating Leads

We all know the formula; Traffic = Leads = Sales, the question is HOW to drive the traffic to begin with! Yup, that “X” Factor is missing from this equation.

To rewrite the formula: X = Traffic = Leads = Sales. And we are going to be discovering the X in this two part series.
MLM Lead Generation Funnel

Lead Generation Method #1. Social Media connections

This is the social media era. Through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other sources of social media networks, it is one of the best ways of connecting with like-minded people, creating good relationships with those who are looking to start earning extra income and generating quality leads.

In this method, what counts is your social proof and the relationship you have with your connections. By Social Media Connections For MLM Lead Generationsocial proof I mean how you are perceived on the social network, whether you are trustable, reliable, and credible and how established you are. Social proof drives people to chase you, wanting to become your team members.

For some training on how to use Social Media marketing properly, check these free trainings on Facebook and Twitter.

Lead Generation Method #2. Paid for ads

If you are looking to generate quick and targeted leads, this is the most effective method. There are many tools that you can use for pay per clicks. With Facebook pay-per-clicks, Google Adwords, YouTube pay-per-clicks and LinkedIn pay-per-clicks amongst others, you have the option of selecting your target market and only pay when a potential customer clicks on your ad.

To get started, I would advice to for Facebook pay-per-clicks. In my opinion it’s more targeted and you can generate leads at a cheaper rate.

Before heading out there and getting started with no clue, you might want to get some training on how to use these social media tools appropriately. Have a look at this free Facebook PPC training – “I want to learn how to use Facebook PPC”.

Lead Generation Method #3. Video Marketing

Video marketing is one of the “must-haves” for generating leads for your MLM business or any

Video Marketing for MLM Lead Generation
Be Unique And Creative To Stand Out From The Crowd
other. Currently we are facing a mature social media market. Two years or even a year ago, it was easy to get noticed. But now we need to be unique and creative for our potential customers or leads to notice us. And video marketing is a great way to achieve this uniqueness. I have previously written an article on this topic –> Check it out for “Why you should start on video marketing”.

Lead Generation Method #4. Landing Pages or lead capture pages

A landing page or a lead capture page is the link that a visitor is directed to when clicked on an advertisement. It is highly important as it is the page where your traffic is converted into leads and eventually to sales.

Landing pages must be targeted, clear and consistent with call for actions and with NO distractions. Meaning there should not be any outside or any links for that matter except for the “Submit button”. You do not want to drive your traffic away after all the hard work, right?

If you are looking for “how to create an effective MLM lead capture page”, look no further – 10 Secrets of How to Create an Effective MLM Lead Capture Page.

Lead Generation Method #5. Joint Ventures

Joint ventures are when two different companies or individuals partner up together to help each other’s business. This is a perfect way to boost your MLM or any other type of business. If you know someone who has a big database, a venue, why not partner up in a good symbiotic deal – a mutual win-win relationship. Joint Venture For MLM Lead Generation

If you are an entrepreneur, you must know the importance of time, skills and money. If you possess only one or even two out of these three factors, it’s time to partner up with people who possess the other factors and produce something called LEVERAGE.

Through JV’s you can gain:

  • Lots of leads
  • Increase your credibility
  • Share expenses and reduce cost
  • Leverage
  • A strategic alliance

These are tried and tested strategies for generating leads. Even if you are in Malaysia, UK or anywhere in the world, these are applicable for your work from home or MLM business. Now, click for the second part of “10 ways of generating leads for your MLM business” – Continue

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