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15K Club – How to Make Money Blogging – Part 8
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15K Club

What is the the 15K Club?

As they say the best stays for the last. I am aware this is not for everyone, there is a good chance it is not for you as well but still I want to share it. Hopefully you will make some distinctions, create new associations and who knows maybe it is a good time for you to be part of the 15K Club. Let’s see.

We spent the last couple of years observing bloggers who always wanted to make money and bloggers who actually make money online. Right, you have guessed that, there is a very big difference between “want to make money” and “actually make money”. There are several things that stand out:

What do you want in life - How to make money blogging– Clearly know what they want – success comes from crystal clear clarity, knowing precisely what you want. That is what 90 % of average people who try to make money online are missing. It is so refreshing to meet people who clearly know WHAT they want, WHY they want it, and WHEN they want it.

– They are ALL IN – if you want to unlock some real magic and resources that you did not think you had, you need to make a real decision: “Yes this is the business that I will build, and I will give my all to build it, I will do whatever it takes – WIT”. Most people do the opposite, they try and see what happens. Successful people know what will happen and they know they will make it happen.

– They are committed – Will Smith in one of the interviews said to the interviewer. “If both of us get on a treadmill, either you get off first or I will die trying”. I will do it or I will die trying – there is no plan B. Plan B will only distract you from plan A.

– They are coachable – What comes through your eyes and ears will reflect in your results. 15K Club is about learning and applying, you need to be ready for it.

While still at university I attended an open day of London Business School, from what I am aware, they provide one of the most expensive MBA courses in the world, single year fee costs over 50,000 GBP that is around $100,000, that does not include accommodation, food, going out etc. During the event the school invited people who had already graduated and I remember one of them sharing his experience. He said “if you know what you want and know you want a differentiator and a fast track in your career, then this course is for you”. That is why the 15K Club has been created and fortunately it does not cost you 50,000 GBP.

Benefits of 15K Club

how to make money blogging road to success– 90 Day Program – you will receive a 90 day action based program on a spreadsheet – as you know producing is all about consistency, but we both know that not all activities lead to being profitable. Actually most of activities distract you and waste your time. You will discover and implement MMAs – the full focus of the 90 day program is on Money Making Activities.

– 12 1-to-1 Coaching Sessions with a mentor – we all do goal settings but so few people actually bring them to reality – that is why we will have a quick weekly Skype call to see what you have done during the week, set milestones for the next week and fine tune your strategy.

– Personal Branding Makeover – we will use your existing experience and story to position you online to look as a credible business partner.

– Road Map to 1K days – of course we cannot guarantee anything, it all depends on your effort and willingness to follow the program and take action but we will share with you our strategies that lead us to making our first 1K days.


1 – You have to own products up to 15K Formula. That is: Basic Membership, Inner Circle, Costa Rica and 15K Formula – here is the link

2 – You have to be able to commit minimum 10 hours a week as we will give specific assignments.

3 – You must be serious – we are only looking to work directly with people who are serious. If you were to measure yourself on a scale of seriousness from 1 to 10, you need to be level 11.

4 – You cannot be a wussy – no complaining, no excuses, just massive massive action.

If that is too scary and not for you please do not fill up the form. But If you are currently at a point where this strict program makes sense for you and you would like to have a chat about it, please fill up the form and let’s have a Skype call, I would love to hear your story, get to know your goals and reasons behind the goals.

15K Club

Empowering Your Success

Marcin Marczak

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15K Club – How to Make Money Blogging – Part 8