• http://cashwithatrueconscience.com/rbblog/making-money-online-1-weird-generate-traffic/ Ryan Biddulph

    Intrigue and benefits: a magic duo for creating magnetic titles. Create something attractive. Something which intrigues, which makes you want to click through. It’s an art, which you can improve with practice and studying copy masters.

    Let your blog post marinate for 5 minutes or more before deciding on a title. Resist the urge to rush your publishing, because you will probably pen a lame, unattractive title. Catch, short and punchy count most in the title creating game.

    Thanks for sharing the powerful insight Marcin!


  • http://power2speak.com Elisa Negroni

    Very helpful – I always struggle with this. Thanks!

  • http://bruno-buergi.com/ Bruno Buergi

    Wow, im impressed with all the variation you bring out here. It will be a great help for me. Good headlines is always something I struggle with.

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  • Chris and Susan

    Awesome post Marcin – a great reminder of how important those headlines are in everything we write from articles to blogs to emails to Facebook Status Updates :-)