5 Little Known Ways Of Facebook Marketing That Actually Bring Results

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5 Little Known Ways Of Facebook Marketing That Actually Bring Results
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Why Facebook Marketing?

facebook marketing tagFacebook, as of writing this article, has members numbering almost 900 million worldwide and soon it will change into billion plus. In the perspective of a marketer, that is a gold mine with unlimited potential customers that are divided into interest groups, fan pages, discussions etc.. The question is, where do you start digging? What are the most effective tools needed to extract the gold or deposits? This is where effective Facebook Marketing comes into play.

Here are the 5 Facebook Marketing Strategies that actually work

1. Create a Fan Page.

Creating a Fan Page in Facebook can be done in two ways. One way is to create a page form your profile account. As you know profile account is your personal account on Facebook that you normally use to communicate to your friends about subject matters not usually related to business. The other way is to create a business fan page. Fan page will be your place to attract people who with specific purpose, and that will your place to deliver loads of value that will position you as an expert.

2. Create unique and high value engaging contents.

After creating your Fan page, your next step is to put in there interesting stuff that attracts the curiosity of your visitors. It is not necessary that all the contents you put on your page have something to do with the kind of business you want to promote. The purpose of putting interesting content is to keep them in your page long enough for them to get curious what your page is all about. The best way is to put contents about your business alternately with other interesting contents. Always use pictures or graphics in presenting your business. The phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words” did not just emerge from nothing. It actually works in getting human attention. Click here to see best practices for Facebook Marketing – how to get more likes, shares and comments.

3. Create connections.

facebook marketing fan pageThere are marketers who do not like to be friends with just anybody on Facebook. They connect only with those who are more or less like minded people. The problem with this kind of reasoning is that you do not know their kind of thinking unless you made some interaction with them to give you some idea regarding their opinions, beliefs and principles. My advice is to be open for new connections, because there is no way you can gauge the probability of one in becoming a customer. The good thing about Facebook marketing for business is, you can always un-friend anybody if that person turned out to be a pain in the neck.

4. Status Update.

Updating your status is very important in Facebook marketing because it keeps your friends notified of your account activities. Take advantage of this by posting contents with link to your site. Twice a day update is recommended though it is a rule that you should not spam but lead with adding value. This method can drive pretty descent traffic to your site specially when you have sufficient number of friends and when your content helps to solve problems.

Quick tip: Avoid status updates like:

“Check out this cool way of earning money in 14 days!”

“Join my group and earn…”

Why not? Because this is called SPAMMING!

5. Promote your page.

There are many ways of promoting your page on Facebook. Approach them in a friendly manner on a personal level. Talk to your fans as you would talk to your friends. You can also join relevant groups and fan pages in order to expand your reach and get other people to “befriend” you. Note carefully that spamming is a no no. There is no Facebook marketing strategy that can singlehandedly negate and wipe out your gain in membership than spamming. You immediately loose your credibility and you will look cheap. I love modeling successful people on the internet, if you do the same you will see that they practise something called attraction marketing: 80% is real quality value and only 20% is promoting in a subtle and creative way.

Facebook Marketing is all about CONNECTING

Facebook is a social platform which means that it’s for socializing, either with your friends and family or with your business partners. And Facebook marketing for business is about connecting and building healthy and professional relationships. And the best way to connect and build relationships is through giving. Give as much value as possible and you will definitely receive back.

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