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How To Manage Your Social Media – 5 Strategies
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manage your social mediaDo you feel the same as most people do? Overwhelmed, overloaded and definitely not focused to do your work? With all these social media portals that we have available: Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google +, Linkedin, it is easy to get distracted and not be productive.

Don’t worry, most people feel the same, but what is the answer?

While running a home based business we all love to have leverage. Having a well managed social media accounts might be an equivalent to owning a media company in the old days. With one single button you can broadcast to thousands or even millions of people. So we know we should use it but how to manage it?

manage your social media

5 Strategies To Manage Your Social Media

1) Plan and design your social media strategy

Instead of being available all the time and reacting to every like, share and comment treat it as you would treat business. Create a solid and clear plan and stick with it.

  • Twitter – 4-6 tweets a day
  • Facebook – 2 posts a day
  • Youtube – 1 video a week

Having a clear strategy and designing your flow to be posting on purpose for profit will make your life easier and your business easier and more profitable.

2) Automate what you can

We all know that all these tasks that take 1-2 minutes each, will come up to couple of hours at the end of the day. So you can automate it by using free tools or very inexpensive tools. I like to look at the tools as outsourcing my activities to a virtual assistant.

Here is a list of tools that will allow you to automate and manage your social media marketing:

Additional advantage is that you can schedule your tweets and posts to go at a specific time that is measured and tested for giving you more likes, shares and comments. Here’s an article I wrote couple of weeks back on Facebook Marketing: How to get more shares, likes and comments.

Additional benefit is that you will manage your social media accounts so you will be able to free your time to be productive and uninterrupted. The tools are either free or inexpensive. They will give you shortcuts to manage your social media account settings such as profile pictures, privacy, and passwords from one place.

3) Take one social bite at a time

manage your social mediaInstead of trying to be present everywhere and trying to figure out all social media platforms at the same time, I would recommend, to pick one, set up the profile properly, master the strategies and then move to the next one.

Remember, anyone who is interested in what you do, will first check your profile and see who you are and what have you done so far. So use it, be engaging and creative.

4) Use social analytics tools to measure what works and what does not.

Here is a list of social media tools for measuring activities on different platform.

  • SocialBro you can get it free on desktop application or a browser extension. Using these tool you will get information like: cities of your followers and when they are likely to be online and many more.
  • Tweriod and TweetWhen can also help you identify best posting times for different networks.
  • Bitly – this tool is great for shortening links which also offers statistics on clicking through on the links.
  • Google Analytics and Yahoo! Web Analytics are free tools and will help you to monitor your website on many different criterias including referrals you are getting from social media sites.

5) Be Proactive – Reach Out And Help People

Every week dedicate some time to reach out to others and share your expertise for free, do not ask them to follow you, do not send them any link to your products just simply enjoy and take pleasure in giving. This will do couple of things.

1. You will teach your mind that you have more than enough
2. You will build trust and you will take pleasure in seeing how others are growing and changing.

Hope these strategies will help you to manage your social media better! Remember you are an entrepreneur. Work and be like an entrepreneur. Leverage on the education and tools available. Good luck!

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5 Strategies To Manage Your Social Media