5 Tips For Mastering MLM Recruiting Over The Phone

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5 Tips For Mastering MLM Recruiting Over The Phone
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MLM recruiting is one of the common fears of those new in the industry. This is especially true when you are talking over the phone either to your warm market or to a total stranger. Overcoming this fear is part of personal growth and as months pass, you will be surprised who you will become if you overcome this fear.

MLM recruiting over the phoneNow you will ask, “How could a novice networker master MLM recruiting over the phone?” In this article, we will provide 5 tips in mastering this important business skill.

5 Tips for Mastering MLM Recruiting Over the Phone

1. Using the phone versus using Internet marketing strategies.

Some people believe that by using various social media strategies will replace the need to pick up the phone and call. Some networkers would simply rely on videos, articles, and social media and focusing their energy on them hoping that they will produce results. Unfortunately, results do not happen that way in MLM. You need to pick up your phone and learn how to use it. You might be also interested to read “How to convert MLM leads”. Those who are successful in this industry testify that “Mastering talking on the phone is the number one income producing skill you can develop”. Period.

2. Everything depends on posture.

Posture has something to do with your mindset and attitude about the MLM opportunity you are offering to the people. If you think, you are begging people to consider the opportunity you are giving them, then do not expect to sign up leaders. If you genuinely believe that your opportunity can provide answers to the deeper longings of people, express it in your voice. Imagine if you could: Bill Gates calling you for an interview and would beg you to come. 🙂 See yourself as a CEO of a multimillion corporation. While registering your membership with your MLM company you automatically have access to: professional R&D team, logistics, marketing, media production, and many more. Does your voice reflect it? or does it reflect the $39 USD joining fee? Posture is the clear differentiator between professionals and amateurs in MLM industry.

The above posture is your answer to those who struggle in the MLM industry and to those who want to get rich the shortest time possible. Remember that in your MLM recruiting, you are searching for positive and entrepreneurial people who want more out of life and not for negative people that will just waste your time. You are actually in the business of “sorting” people not selling. It is you who set the standard of people you want to get involved in your business and not the other way around. And that is posture.

3. Make the introduction call.

MLM Recruiting talk_too_muchDo not expect people to be excited about your business if you yourself are uncertain about it. Remember that people have their own way to detect fears, anxieties as well as excitement and courage. If you are excited about your opportunity, people will sense it.

In making an introduction call, be clear and concise. Do not over talk. Learn to be master at asking questions and then direct people to the relevant video or website. Last but not least, agree on a specific call back time. This is a must.

4. Do a follow up MLM call.

Some people who are really interested about a new business opportunity might even call you immediately after watching your video, but that happens seldom. As a rule do not expect people to do the follow up call on you. You made a promise to make a follow up call. Keep it, call at the exact time you agreed. If they are there, it is already a good sign. Ask couple of questions, ask from 1-10 how interested they are to get started and then collect the decision.
5. Do not allow people’s “no” to stop you.

Do not take people’s rejection personally. The experience of rejection is necessary for your emotional strength and maturity. This is the reason why we keep on saying that the MLM industry is not for everyone and only appropriate for tough people. Tenacity is a required mental and emotional skill for those who want to master MLM recruiting and those who are really determined to be successful in this industry.

Hope you enjoyed the article and will share if you think your team can benefit from it. Thanks!

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  • Some nice tips there Marcin and like you I believe that getting on that phone and making contact at the first available opportunity is absolutely key – second best way is to send a video email if they don’t leave their number, so at least they get to see you and feel that they can trust you.

    Too many people who switch to online MLM seem to think that this means they can give up all offline activity when in fact a combination of both certainly works best for me.

    Great post,