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$100K Milestone – Journey Explained + Our Gift

Every journey begins with a single step.

I remember the very first weeks in Maldives when we landed in 2009.  We moved to Hulhumale island, found an apartment, connected internet and started our wireless income journey.

During the day we were taking our very first steps on our internet marketing journey. The purpose was simple – to survive, we needed to produce results fast, because we had money left only for 3 months. I do not knwo if you have been to a situation like that before or maybe you are. It is a blessing, it forces you to be more creative and give more.

After the whole day of work, we used to take breaks in the afternoon for snorkeling. Our house was on the doorsteps of a beautiful beach attached to a gorgeous blue lagoon. I was super excited seeing all the lion fish, wahoo fish, clownfish, butterflyfish to name just few. Snorkeling took my mind off the seriousness of the situation and got me to reset.


Secret Dreaming Place

In the evenings we took another break, we went for long walks along the same beach, most of the time we walking barefoot. The colours of the horizon was becoming more and more intense as the sun was going down. Warm sea waves washed our feet as we walked along the very long beach. We walked, talked and dreamt, we asked questions about the future, we imagined things that did not exist – that was our secret dreaming place. How about you? Do you have a time of the week and a place where you trigger your imagination to taste the future?. After leaving Maldives we made it a point to carve a piece of the week to continue with our dreaming sessions. Most of the cool ideas happen for us during these sessions.


MOBE Journey Begins

We were exhausted, tired and burnt out by the internet marketing. We took a longer break to rethink and to distance ourselves to get new perspective. It was around May 2015 when we started our journey with mobe. Little did we know it became a ride that followed a decision to win. It was time of stretching, pushing, believing, producing, optimising, asking more questions and refining our game. It is like that till now.


Singapore – Tony Robbins Seminar

Pretty much around the day when we started our journey with mobe, I decided to stretch our finances even further. An opportunity knocked on the door. Tony Robbins came to Singapore, it’s been my dream to see him speaking life. It was hard, the finances were super tight, I really wanted to go and attend the seminar but the expenses would cause a pretty massive dent in our budget, but Mari looked into my eyes and said it has been your dream, go for it. I found a free place to stay through couchsurfing, got creative and made it happen.

Marcin at Tony Robbins


Thailand Phuket – Titanium Mastermind

We got some first results and the titanium mastermind for the very first time was held in Asia, not far from us, Thailand Phuket, again it was an opportunity, required a stretch and push but we did it.


Jamaica – Diamond Mastermind

In April 2016 we got on a plane and embarked on a journey halfway around the world, 2 months trip, 3 continents (Asia, America, Europe), 5 countries (Maldives, UK, Jamaica, Poland, Malaysia) and 38,000 km. Mari came to Europe for the very first time after 7 years. We enjoyed the great Polish summer time with friends, and family barbecuing , doing bonfire by the pond


Marcin and Mari speaking with white board

speaking full room


Our Team Got Many Victories

Super rewarding part of our journey is watching our team having so many victories, seeing people who for the very first time get commission and succeed in online marketing business.


Our Milestone

Progress is what creates happiness, every milestone creates a joy, gets us to reflect and encourages us to set new goals.


Big Thank You

For lack of guidance a nation falls, but victory is won through many advisers. Proverbs 11:14

We want to say thank you to everyone who has been part of the journey with us,

  • Everyone who brought a smile,
  • Everyone who made us laugh,
  • Everyone who helped us to make this journey possible
  • Everyone who stretched and challenged our thinking
  • Everyone who believed in us and our dreams… thank you guys

We have been truly blessed and we are looking forward to seeing you again live, at the seminars rooms, at the airports, on the beaches of the world, webinars, workshops and skype calls.


Opportunity Knock

Opportunities do knock and here is one…
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To Your Success,

Marcin and Mari Marczak

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