You Do Not Have To Be An SEO Expert To Beat The Google Panda

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You Do Not Have To Be An SEO Expert To Beat The Google Panda
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Google PandaGoogle Panda is the latest update rolled out by Google in the manner by which it ranks websites in the search results. If you have been working with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) field, then you have an idea how this new Google search algorithm has impacted a lot of websites in its search result. The purpose of this new Google search algorithm is to bring back the sites with quality contents up the search rankings and bring the sites with low quality contents to the bottom of the rankings.

Gone are the traditional practices of ranking websites where you simply write an article, put some backlinks in it and pay some service providers to spin it and submit it to thousands of spammy websites and, voila, your website is ranked high in the search engines overnight. If you ever attempt to do this technique now, your website is guaranteed to plummet at the bottom of the search engine rankings or worst it could be banned by Google as a spam site.

Benefit of Google Panda

One of the benefits of the Google Panda update is that it levelled the playing fields in search rankings. It used to be that wealthy businesses can spend millions of dollars to buy practically thousands of websites with bots contents accessing their main website thereby fooling the search engines into ranking them high in the search results to the detriment of smaller competing businesses that cannot spend as much on similar tactics.

So, Google Panda seemed like a poker-faced gatekeeper of search rankings. How, then, can you make your website rank high on the search engine results page (SERP)?


7 Tips To Beat The Google Panda

1. Write good quality content. Putting good quality contents on your site is mandatory. Google Panda is very particular on the contents of your site. Good quality means that the subject matter must be something of value to the readers. Put contents that are informative and quality editorial subject matters.

2. Contents must be unique. Unique contents mean that it is not a duplicate of another topic somewhere on another website. Plagiarism is, therefore, to be avoided at all cost.

3. Update your site regularly. Putting good quality and unique contents on your site at regular intervals is an indication to Google web crawlers that your site is active and lively.

4. Avoid low quality backlinks. Low quality backlinks are those links to your site coming from websites intended to spam. Be very careful when submitting articles to websites that spam other sites. Your site will definitely be downgraded by Google, or worst, your site will be blocked.

5. Avoid high add ratio. Do not plaster too many ads all over your site. It may be favourable to adsense but it is not wise to optimizing it for search purposes.

6. On page SEO should match off page SEO. Your site meta tags including the keywords of your site contents should match the contents of your site. As much as possible, links pointing to your site must come from contents of other website that at least share similar subject matter.

7. Do not forget the social media platform. It would seem that Google is using signals coming from social media such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter and bookmarking sites in gauging the rankings of websites. It would then help a lot to create link to your site from these social sites. Be mindful, however, that this social media sites have lately been used to launch spam which is a big violation to Google Panda algorithm.

As it has always been proven true, prevention is better than cure. Do not try to circumvent the rules of Google Panda. You may get away with it maybe for a short period of time, but once it catches you, then you can kiss your ranking goodbye. Play the game fairly and you will thrive.

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7 Tips To Beat The Google Panda