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5 Steps To Creating Wealth With Tony Robbins
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This is a short article, actually a follow up on yesterday’s How to get rich – attraction and wealth accumulation. I just wanted to share these 5 steps of creating wealth that I learnt when I go running with Tony Robbins (yes, I listen to his audios!)

5 Steps Of Creating Wealth

Creating Wealth #1. Decide on a specific number that you must have.

Notice the keyword – “must”, not should, not would like but must have. This is not an easy exercise but it is all about setting up temperature on your thermostat.

Creating Wealth #2. Condition your mind daily

Tony Robbins - Creating Wealth A powerful incantation that Tony Robbins teaches is:

“God’s wealth is circulating in my life. Wealth flows to me in avalanches of abundance. All my needs, desires and goals are met instantaneously. For I am one with God and God is everything.”

Creating Wealth #3. Get role models

The fastest way to get what you want is to find someone who has already done it and then ask questions, watch and model them. Also if you are not sure about what you are good at, ask yourself these questions:

– what do I love?
– how other people can benefit?
– how can I do it massively – leverage
– how can I do it intelligently so there is some profit left

Wealth = Value x leverage. So start first with value and once you discover it, learn to leverage it to as many people as possible.

Creating Wealth #4. Experience yourself as a giver, otherwise wealth will not stay around.

creating wealth - giveFind someone who is less fortunate than you are and give (time, money, skills, etc) You will teach your subconscious mind that there is more than enough and that you are a giver not a taker. Last night I had a great conversation with my younger brother who is just 13. He has been saving money to buy himself a mobile phone for the last 6 months, and last night I asked him if he was willing to do something uncomfortable and take 10% of his savings and give it as a gift to someone who is less fortunate that we both know. He said yes, “I will do it”. I asked him why he decided to do it and his answer was “because I can”. I had tears in my eyes, I was touched.

Creating Wealth #5. Create positive experiences with money

And after all that, remember to use part of the money to have fun and play. Teach your nervous system that it is great to have money, give it a good meaning. Go fishing, take your friends for dinner, go sky diving whatever you love. Create the play jar and teach yourself that you deserve.

The Richest Man in Babylon teaches to:

    – 10% to give away
    – 10% pay debts
    – 10% invest
    – 10% play

Some beliefs about money or creating wealth that are worth adopting are:

– Money is a measure of the value that you are exchanging with other people
– Receiving is an evidence that you have been consistently giving.
– I am wealthy now – develop the attitude of gratitude for all that you currently have

Please share your thoughts and associations about creating wealth.

Here’s To Your Success

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Creating Wealth With Tony Robbins – 5 Steps