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Facebook Graph Search Tutorial for Marketers
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For anyone who is a marketer and wants to learn how to make money on Facebook, this is a new, very exciting and powerful tool. I have played with it for a while and done a short video: Facebook graph search for marketers. See it below.


Facebook graph search – Powerful Tool For Marketers

Facebook graph searchFacebook graph search is an interesting innovation that has been introduced to the world in March 2013. Instead of searching through the seo optimised data that is available on the internet – what Google offers, Facebook brought a new spin.

Now with Facebook graph search we can search through all publicly available Facebook data and some private data available in your circle of relationships that you have created. What that means is that each of us will get a different results as we have different friends in common. For example: if you search for a blogger in Kuala Lumpur, the results that will be brought taking into account your friends who might have liked or interacted with a bloggers fan page in Kuala Lumpur. Search results are based on both the content of the user and their friends’ profiles and the relationships between the user and their friends. So in a nutshell, Facebook ranks all your relationships. Facebook acquires it from its over one billion users and additionally external data from search engines.

Facebook Graph Search allows you to search the following types of data:

  • Public posts
  • People
  • Pages
  • Events
  • Applications
  • Groups
  • Places (limitable to a specific location (latitude and longitude) and distance)
  • Check-ins of the user, friends, or where user or friends have been tagged
  • Objects with location information attached. In addition, the returned objects will be those in which the user or friends have been tagged, or those objects that were created by the user or friends. (source wikipedia)

Using Facebook Graph Search you can do following types of searches:


  • Friends
  • Photos
  • Places
  • Interests
  • Employer etc

As a marketer, this gives you a new weapon, because you can very precisely connect with people from a specific niche, area or employer.

Examples of searches with Facebook Graph Search

    – “People who live in London”
    – “People who live in London and like Robert Kiyosaki”
    – “Bloggers in London”
    – “People who work for Monavie in Malaysia”
    – “People who like Home Based Business”
    – “People who are interested in Law of Attraction”

Facebook Graph Search – Refine Searches

Facebook graph search

Once you receive results you can refine them according to many useful categories like “gender, location, employer etc” that allows you to find things faster and much more precise. As a marketer you can really find people who share your interests and that will allow you to build rapport much faster. Imagine you talking to someone who likes attraction marketing and loves Roger Federer.

I remember couple of years back when I was building an offline business I accidentally found people in Kuala Lumpur who attended the same university in London that I had attended, sharing created an instant buzz of energy and excitement, bring stories, asking questions about the place. That was a massive help for starting to build a relationship. Now we can take it to the whole new level.

Facebook’s Graph Search is a very ambitious project

It gives us the ability to search through the social network’s data using natural-language queries. According to Facebook, the natural language interface offers more precise queries compared to a key-word based system or augmented drop-down filters. Facebook graph search is able to identify grammatically incorrect queries, and provide auto-complete options while a user enters search terms. The natural language interface understands not only keywords, but the grammar rules. I played for a while with it, it is very intuitive and I see it as a very powerful to help us grow bigger business.

If you would like to learn how to make money with Facebook, click here, put your email address, watch the video and let’s have a chat after you have finished.

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