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7 Simple Ways Of Facebook Marketing
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Facebook MalaysiaA lot of people that I have met here in Malaysia still question whether Facebook marketing works at all? And how? Before I answer these two questions I want to share with you some very interesting statistics of Malaysian usage of Facebook:

Facebook Marketing Statistics 1

According to www.internetworldstats.com:

As of December 2011, there were a total of 12,060,340 Malaysian Facebook users which comes to 42% penetration of the total population of the country.

Facebook Marketing Statistics 2

On an average, a Malaysian spends around 4 hours a day on Facebook.

To answer the first question, whether Facebook marketing in Malaysia works? – YES IT DOES. When you look at the above statistics, almost 50% of the whole country is using Facebook for around 4 hours each day on average. Where better to find and target your specific niche market in one place?

With the little Facebook marketing that we do, on average we get 3-4 leads from Facebook on our blog. So if you ask me again, I would say, “Yes, it definitely works.” But the real question is, HOW?

7 Simple Ways Of Facebook Marketing

1. Relationship First

It’s all about relationship. Facebook is for CONNECTING with people, whether through private messaging, their personal walls, fanpages or even groups. No one will be happy to be friends with someone who constantly keeps posting or “selling” their MLM products on their walls. Connect, build relationships, provide value and you are already way ahead than the rest of the network marketers.

2. Build Communities

Facebook Malaysia LikeFacebook fanpages and groups are great ways of building communities with likeminded people, with people who are looking for what you are providing and even for your team. The interactions are more on a personal level with your followers and in the end it’s a win-win situation for both you and your fans.

Apart from creating the close relationship with your followers, Facebook groups and fanpages can be used for sharing your results, posting links to your affiliate products based on your followers needs as the content you will be posting will be relevant to the purpose of the fanpage or the group.

3. Content And Value Comes First

Ever noticed on the blogs and fanpages of any network marketing leaders, that they rarely sell their products? If you haven’t noticed yet, you’ll be surprised to find a lot of value and content. As the universal concept goes, “the more you give, the more you get”. It works the same whether you are Facebook marketing in Malaysia or anywhere else. When you start providing lots of value and content, your followers will start getting curious and would want to work with someone who knows what they are doing and are able to provide answers to their questions.

Try it out, it really works!

4. It’s Not About The Numbers!

A lot of people still think that the more number of friends and fans they have the more number of sales they’ll make!!! I’m not sure how much or if they get any positive result from it! Facebook is a great tool for NETWORKING. Try connecting with them one-to-one, it will help with getting more fans as well. Here are some ways that you can start networking:

  • Facebook chat – a great tool for connecting one-to-one. Find out what others’ interests are, what they are working on at the moments and how you can help them. Again, do not sell, try to make a new friend.
  • When commenting on other fan pages, use the option “Use Facebook as Page”. This way when others click on your image, they will be directed to your fanpage instead of your profile. Make sure to leave interesting and thoughtful comments so people will check you out.
  • Same as the above point, when you comment on blog posts that have Facebook commenting activated, choose to comment from your fanpage profile.

5. Facebook Marketing is highly targeted

Facebook Malaysia Pay Per ClickIf you are looking to increase your fanbase and start generating leads, Facebook pay per click advertising is a great way to start getting target fans and leads. It’s easy to set up but bear in mind, this is not a free method. So before you want to start putting your money into it, you might want to get some training on how to set up Facebook pay per click properly. Check this training by one of the Facebook Marketing gurus in our industry, Michelle Alpha, it is free – enjoy.

6. The Tagging Feature

Do you sometimes get tagged on a photo or a video that has no relevance to you whatsoever? Don’t you find it just annoying? When that happens to me, I just un-tag myself, report it and even unfriend some of the people. Did it benefit for me and the person who tagged me? No!

But how you can use the tagging feature sensibly and get a little exposure for yourself is, for example, “Just read a great article on @Marcin Marczak’s blog. Thanks for the excellent tips!” Is it a win-win situation? Yes it is! So be creative and use it in a smart way.

7. Have You Connected With Your Leaders Yet?

Pretty much everyone is on Facebook, celebrities, people who make $100k a month, you name it, they are on it just like anybody else. So my question to you is, have you connected with your leader or your idol so that you can learn directly from them?

To get started you simply need to request for friendship and send a message. And once you get past this stage and over time, comment on other’s posts, share, like and you never know those relationships might turn into friendships or even joint ventures! Don’t think about it, start acting!

Hope the above 7 simple ways of Facebook marketing will help you and would be great to get some feedback when you’ve got some results!

Please share and comment if you have something more to add!

Here’s To Your Success

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