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Facebook Marketing – How To Get More Shares, Likes and Comments
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If you’re looking to improve your Facebook marketing skill and get more out of your posts, add more pictures and start speaking in the first person.

Dan Zarrella – great social media expert — he followed, tracked and extracted data from more than 1,300,000 posts from the 10 thousand most-Liked Facebook pages. Using this data we can understand which posts get the most shares, likes and comments on Facebook. Additionally, we also get access to info about what best time of the day to post, length etc, very useful if you treat Facebook to be your marketing machine.

As you see below, photos get the highest number of likes, comments and share across the board, followed by text and video. Big surprising information: links get the least numbers of likes, shares and comments.

Facebook Marketing
Image courtesy of Dan Zarella

Strangely, posts that contain words such as “I” and “me” get more likes — however, this does not work well on Twitter.

“Overall, the best strategy for Facebook, as well as all kinds of social media marketing, is to create a lot of interesting content and share it,” Zarrella told Mashable. “On Facebook, visual content does especially well. It’s also important to be passionate, not neutral.”

This means that both positive and negative posts tend to do well with engagement.

Facebook Marketing Mark ZuckerbergTiming is very important. Later updates get more shares and Likes and comments, but they tend to peak around 8 p.m. The peak time for “shares” seems to be around (6 p.m.) – what coincides with the end of the working day. Office people are responsible for most of the resharing J.

“Publish when others aren’t, such as later in the day and on the weekends,” Zarrella advised.

Facebook Marketing Tips

Facebook Marketing tip 1: If you post on Facebook over the weekend you will get more likes than during the week. The same rule applies on Twitter. On Thursday you can take a day off as it gets the least activity.

Facebook Marketing tip 2: Most of the activities happen during the very early hours, even as early at 5 am. Just before going to work people turn on their computers and spend time on Facebook and second peak time is lunchtime 12 pm.

What is your experience with promoting on Facebook? Leave some comments below.

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