Fail Fast – 5 Benefits of Having a Coach

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Fail Fast – 5 Benefits of Having a Coach

Fail Fast – 5 Benefits of Having a Coach

Always work with a coach

The wind was strong, the day was gorgeous. When I looked ahead I could hardly see the line where the blue sky horizon blended with the turquoise like water of the Indian ocean.

I got my board, attached the sail, pulled both of them into the depth of the lagoon and started my wind surfing session. After a few falls I got the balance, then I managed to get the sail up and then eventually I got some wind behind the sail and I was moving. It was not the fastest but I was moving.

It took me maybe around 30 min to do around 500 meters I was on my way to go to a nearby Robbins Island. The wind was good it was pushing me pretty much from behind.


Turn Around

Then I decided to turn around and …. o boy that become a true challenge. I could not get the wind. I watched others turning around, even without coming off the board, I thought I should be able to do the same. It did not work in my case at all. I tried several times and it just did not work, so I ended up pulling both the sail and the board behind me.

When I reached back to the base I saw a guy who looked like an instructor coming out of water. I dropped my board behind quickly swum his way. I asked him for few tips and strategies. He was more than willing.


Here Are 5 Benefits

1. he watched me surfing and immediately recognised areas to improve
2. he jumped on my board and he showed me how to do it
3. he gave me the steps that I needed to take
4. he gave the sequence of the steps – that was equally important like the steps
5. he encouraged me and cheered me when I was doing it well.

Seriously within 15-20 minutes I knew what I needed to do and it worked. Big lesson for me was to always work with someone who knows what he is doing, it’s much more fun, it is way faster, and I could move from struggling to enjoying.




Do You Work With A Coach?

If you are struggling in your online marketing business, would like to work with a coach and be part of supportive team that will hold your back, will correct your actions and will help you to celebrate your victories PM or fill up this short form , let’s have a chat and see if there is a match.


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