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Goal Setting – How I Won A Tennis Game
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Have you ever set up a goal that was way beyond your existing skill set?

Have you ever made a public declaration that you will do it and that put more pressure for you to deliver?

What’s more, you really wanted to make it happen but you did not know how you could get there, but somehow inside you there was this feeling of certainty that you could do it. Though, it was easy to confuse it with excitement and blind faith. Have a sip of your favourite drink and read on. This is going to be interesting.

Goal Setting – Will Smith – The Perfect Brick Story

One of my friends gave me a motivational video with Will Smith, it was a set of interviews where he was asked about meaningful events that shaped his life. One of the interviewers asked him “What did you learn from your father?”. He shared when his father gave a task to him and his brother to build a wall and he gave them a very specific instruction that to build the wall properly, they should focus on putting all the energy, all the focus on how to put every single brick in the best possible way.

Lesson 1: Love the Challenge – Bring it On

Around January this year, a close friend came to visit us in Kuala Lumpur and he is a great tennis player. He has been playing tennis for around 3 years, he hired a private instructor to develop his tennis skills. We started playing more for fun and he was teaching me loads of tricks as I was just a total beginner. Knowing he will stay in Asia for the next couple of months, I decided to speed up the learning process and set myself a goal that would motivate me. I said it outloud that my goal is to beat him before he leaves KL.

Lesson 2: Discipline Your Disappointment

goal setting tennis gameWe played quite a lot, sometimes 3-4 times a week, and I was beaten 3-4 times a week. Constantly every day we went on the court I got beaten. One of my mentors taught me a very powerful concept that came handy in a moment of series and never ending failing. DD – stands for Discipline your Disappointment.

What it basically means is manage your state. I remembered my goal and instead of focusing on how impossible it is, how bad I am, I started noticing things that I was improving. After every game I took away 2-3 things went better and 2-3 things that I can still improve. Even though I was being beaten I still kept the childish enthusiasm to keep going, stay excited and learn every day.

Lesson 3: Goal Setting – The Brick Story Again

Initially, I set my expectations around winning the whole match, but that was not easy as there was such a visible difference in the levels. In tennis, you have points that lead to a game, games that lead to a set, and sets that lead to winning the match. So I decided to use the perfect brick strategy by Will Smith.

Instead of looking at how can I win a match, I decided to put my full energy into winning a single point. When it was my turn to serve, I was fully committed to having my best serve ever. When I was receiving a serve, my full energy was going into having the best possible receive I could do.

goal setting tennis

Lesson 4: Goal Setting – The Full Strategy

After 4 months the day has finally arrived. I won my first match ever against him. It was the results of:

  • setting goals high
  • managing my emotional state
  • disciplining my disappointment
  • focusing on laying my brick perfectly.

Now I want to encourage you to share here your own story of victory, story when you set a goal that seemed rather impossible but you made it.

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