Why President Obama uses Google Hangout? is it better than Video Skype?

August 9th, 20123 Comments
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Google Hangout vs SkypeSince we moved strongly online (MLM vs Affiliate Marketing) the journey has become more interesting and required me to take on new skills. We have recently been playing with video editing – during our blogging holiday in Melaka. We got great feedback and we are planning to do more of that.

I have always loved watching interviews with people who took the risk, did something different with their lives and changed quality of their own lives and others. At the same time I also enjoy picking brains of interesting people. My wife teases me that I am the “question guy” or the “Interrogator”.

So in next part of our blogging adventure, I will be bringing interviews to our readers.

I’ve done some research looking for a good solution to be able to do that. The first thing that popped into my mind was to do a research on Google Hangout vs Skype. Strangely, it appears that there is no free Skype plugin to do video split screen, so I decided to investigate Google Hangout.

Google+ is a clear attempt to put a foot into the social networking game. The previous products, Wave and Buzz, were too complicated and finished with a failure. So Google+ looks already very exciting, but the coolest feature seems to be the Google Hangout.

Goal Setting

Google Hangout vs Skype – 3 Reasons Why Google Hangout Is Better

Google Hangout vs Skype #1: Free Video Chat up to 10 people

On Skype you can do only 1-2-1 free video chat, if you want to add more you need to upgrade to paid membership. Google Hangout gives you an option to invite 9 more people to hang out with, so total of 10 people doing free video chat.

I have done some research and there is quite a lot of info that Google is planning big things for it’s new baby – Hangouts. They want to use it on all kind of devices. Additionally Google is figuring it out for both Hangouts and Google Talk to work directly in a browser, without any plugins. So we will only need to open the browser, click on an icon and start chatting or hanging out. Pretty cool, as even installing a plugin for some people is such a scary task that they prefer to avoid it.

Google Hangout with its upcoming browser integration will at some point in the future make it possible to send group video chats to all possible devices like desktops, smartphones, tablets and Google TV.

Google Hangout vs Skype

Google Hangout vs Skype #2. Google Hangout – Integrated Apps

Google thought forward and they made Hangout to be a very functional tool also for internet marketers. They give you access to several cool tools like: screen share, Google docs, Youtube so you can watch videos with your friends together, Slideshare or Cacoo where you can co-create diagrams with other Hangout participants or just hang out, chat and play games together. Pretty cool ideas.

On the other hand skype gives you only screen sharing and file exchange, the extra plugins are a bit more complicated to include and many of them are hard to tell apart before installing: if they are for free or paid, what is rather annoying.

Google Hangout vs Skype

Google Hangout vs Skype #3. Broadcast your Hangout on Live on Youtube

As I mentioned above, this function made me very happy. It is perfectly fitted for interviews and recording discussion with cool people. So, how do you do that. Just click on “hangout on air” so your hangout session will be automatically broadcasted live on youtube and google +. At the same time after the session it leaves recording on the session on your youtube channel. There is one drawback, if you broadcast you cannot save it as private, it has to be available to everyone.

Google Hangout vs Skype

Google Hangout vs Skype in conclusion:

  • Google Hangout requires minimum set up
  • It have very intuitive interface and
  • Offers so much more than skype.

Hangout Bonus
If you are looking to test Google Hangout, go to Google+ and browse through the list of various hangouts.

Stay tuned for the interviews! And by the way, Google Hangout vs Skype – which one do you think has more benefits?

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Why President Obama uses Google Hangout? is it better than Video Skype?



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