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How To Create A Blog That Makes Money – 4 Simple Tips
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So you want to make money online. You surely have heard or watched advertisements which gave the impression that making large amount money online seem effortless. Generating large sum of money through the internet is a reality. But the manner of making the same is not as easy for beginners as the advertisement would like us to believe. Money-generating business requires developing new skills, a little bit like growing a new muscle and that means investment of time and putting effort.

how to create a blogThere are numerous ways how to generate money online. The easiest would be to set up and start a blog. Blogging is easy and cheap because all you need are ideas to share. Now the question is, how to create a blog that can actually start making you money?

Here are the basic steps how to create a blog that makes money.

1. Create exciting and useful contents.

There are two major reasons why people do research on the internet: The first one is to search for answers to problems they have in their minds. The second is to experience good and happy felling. Now, if your blogs can satisfy any one of those reasons, then you have a winner blogsite.

2. SEO is a must.

Majority of users who use the search function of the web browsers use the websites found on the first page of the search result and do not bother to check out the next pages. The ranking of websites that appear on the pages as a result of word or words users are searching is the function of the search engines in accordance with the popularity of each site that optimized the word or words being searched. Your goal is to have your website be ranked among the top 10 web sites found on the first page of the search engines if not the top most rank which is of course ideal. The ranking of your site determines the number of visitors your blog receives everyday. It is all about the traffic. If you rank even on page 2 in google, you basically wasted your time as no one will find you.

3. Advertise your blog.

But I am just a beginner, you may say, and advertisement requires expenditure of money. Not quite necessary. There are many ways and means of promoting your site without spending advertisement fee. Social media to start with, there are virtually unlimited options. Another one: search online forums that discuss topics related to the contents of your blog. Participate in healthy discussions and make great impressions then link your avatar or username to your site. You can also visit other blogs and leave engaging comments to the blogs or articles and link back your name or avatar to your blog. People who find your comments or opinions helpful will surely want to check you out for more.

4. Design your blog to display advertisements.

There are numerous programs that let you put and display advertisements in your blog. These include, among others, Pay Per Click (PPC), Cost Per Thousand (CPM), Money widgets, Feed Ads, Direct Banner, Audio Ads, Text Link Ads, Affiliate Marketing, etc. You can even put a donation button on your blogsite where grateful people can make donation for getting something of value or importance form your site. There are loads of options, but first ask yourself what outcome would you like to achieve long term and then choose one strategy and master it.

With all sorts of tips on how to monetize your blog, the most important and reliable of all is the quality of your content of your blog. With the proliferation of social media today, it does not take long before a great blog is recognized. Create interesting, useful and funny posts and you are good to go. Be creative. Remember that there are millions of blogs all over the internet. Learn how to make your site stand out from the rest. Create that distinction and money will come pouring in.

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