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How to Create Unique Content in Simple Steps
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Why do we need unique content?

unique contentGreat Question. So what is the simple answer? Because the whole internet consists of content. The longer answer looking from a business perspective is: we need unique content because:

  • it will positions you as an expert
  • Google loves unique content
  • powerful strategy to generate free traffic and leads
  • it will build relationship on your behalf 24/7
  • it will be your online real estate

Unique Content – Online Real Estate

Imagine yourself owning 500 properties… how does it feel?
Imagine yourself owning 2000 properties…
Imagine that every single month tenants from all the apartments are depositing money to your bank account… how does it feel?

It means you earn money regardless if you work, travel, have fun or choose to go to Africa to build a school.

Have you ever thought that it is possible to create something similar online? Imagine yourself owning 1000s of pages and videos online and all of them are driving you traffic regardless if you work, you have fun or travel the world. As you know every single business works on a principle of having visitors who eventually become clients.

On the internet, visitors turn into leads and leads into buying clients. So imagine yourself that the content that you created generates tens of thousands of visitors every single day, your autoresponder is filled with hundreds of leads daily and your inbox is receiving messages labeled as “JUST GOT PAID”. To make it even more exciting, you change settings on your phone and every time “JUST GOT PAID” message comes in, your phone is making a sound of a register K-Ching! K-Ching! K-Ching! K-Ching! K-Ching! K-Ching! It feels so good to read it, but it feels even better to experience it.

Principles Behind Creating Unique Content?

unique-contentThere are loads of schools, courses and trainings out there, but I will share with you a very simple strategy that once you understand you can use it for the rest of your life. Have you heard of a website called They rate all the sites on the internet. I strongly encourage you to visit it and study the top 50 sites that get the most traffic as there are hidden secrets and principles. Let’s look at couple of top sites.

1. – as we all know Google is a search engine that is aiming to deliver relevant and quality content. I think Google’s mission statement is something along the lines: All Searches Stop with Google. They do not want you to go anywhere else to search for answers.


      RELEVANT, Unique & QUALITY – make your content to be relevant, unique and quality. If the way you are heading is about

how to make money on facebook

    , make sure that the body is actually about making money on Facebook. Sounds obvious but so often not applied.

2. – again it does not need much introduction but what is the principle that made Facebook so successful. Facebook has loads of content created daily but the content is not quality, it is often goofy, inaccurate just random opinions instead of facts.


    ENTERTAINING, STORY & ENGAGING – Facebook changed “The Wall” into “Timeline” to help you tell a story of your life. The story allows and encourages others to engage with “like and share buttons” and it is often entertaining. So apply the principles in your own posts. Learn to tell stories, encourage others to engage with the content and make it entertaining whenever possible.

3. – this site has successfuly won an attention battle with TV Sets. The question is why do people spend more time watching youtubes than TV?


    ENTERTAINING, INFORMATION – again information and fun seem to be the reason why so many visitors watch it daily.

4. & – let’s look at the giant online malls, how do they sell products so successfuly for hundreds of dollars? The format is quite simple, every participant gets rating, has a short description and can throw some bonuses to increase probability of sales.


    TESTIMONIES, POSITIONING through description and BONUSES. Testimonies will give you social proof and assurance that you are a person that others did business with so very likely others can trust. Good description will position you as an expert. Bonuses will convince others to buy from you as the old principle says “promotion drives sales”

Ask This Question to Produce More Unique Content

unique_contentThe principles behind creating unique content come from studying the top sites online. So from now on whenever you surf the internet, have your mind asking the question, what is the reason behind the massive success of this page.

Other Principles to Create Unique Content

1. Be Yourself – find your style, bring your personality. Unfortunately most people do not know who they really are, if that is you, so now you have another reason for producing daily unique content. As creating content will help you to connect with your own genius.

2. Reality Show Principle – this one is directly related to the previous one. Be your real self. There is a reason why people love to watch all the reality tv. Because it is much more relatable, the stars of the show are real people like us who make mistakes, embarrass themselves, struggle etc While creating a unique content, share things from your own normal day to day life that is real.

3. Study Best Selling Authors – take time to read quality books that became best selling as you will discover there principles of creating an amazing content. Authors mastered the principles of storytelling, describing, bringing emotions and communicating ideas effectively. Think of books like Harry Potter or even Rich Dad Poor Dad, both of the books are collections of stories. Robert Kiyosaki in his book shares stories powerful ideas through stories how he was growing up and lessons that he learnt from his rich dad.

Quality Content Opportunity Knock

If you love the idea of creating unique content and creating your own real-estate. If you are ready to start applying the principles and start earning doing that click on this link, enter your email address and watch the video, it might change your life!

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