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Who Else Wants To Learn How To Get Rich?
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Since joining Ten Ten Formula my learning intake at least doubled. Whenever I do a repetitive task, or “NET activity” (no extra time) I always play an audio in the background to expose myself to new ideas. But, some people speak slowly so to make the process faster I double the speed on the player (you can do it with most of the players). So you can listen to 1 hour of content in 30 or even 20 min. It’s actually an idea borrowed from my 13 years old brother who shortens his time to read school books, actually listen to books. The young generation seems to have the right ideas.

Today, my topic is: How to get rich – Attraction and Wealth Accumulation.

As with many of these things, in this case “how to get rich”, you must have heard most of them at some point of time but it is always good to hear them again, especially from a new person in a slightly different way. Hopefully something will unlock for you and help you create new distinctions or brand new associations.

How to get rich VS Money is not important:

I love this one. Heard it so many times. When somebody goes out loud on “how to get rich” you would hear someone else “Money is not important”. If you hear it from someone, follow up this statement with this simple question: “You are broke, right?” That’s sounds a bit rude but for some reason it is extremely accurate.

Think about it, if you told the same things to your friend, “you are not important” Do you think he would stick around for long?… So why do you think money will? The same rule applies.

Many people have money hang ups and most of them will deny it or try to justify with excuses but the sad truth is, if you have these beliefs imprinted, you will sabotage your wealth creation and you will never create one.

Tony Rush, shared this simple idea that is so profound:

“Wealthy people think that there is abundance in the world, poor people think that there is not enough to go around.”

By looking at actions of others (and your own) you should be able see the imprinted beliefs of the subconscious minds. The actions that we take is nothing else but a bold display and reflection of our subconscious mind.

You Cannot Have An Average Mindset When You Are Asking “How To Get Rich!”

How many times have you seen a homeless guy by the side of the road holding a cardboard that says, “I will work for food?” Sure. Many times, right?

In fact, if you put yourself in the other person’s shoes, you might think, “ha, If you took all from me away (wallet, my cards) and put me on the road, I am sure I would get out of that situation in no time….“After all. I have some skills, I know people…” right?. If we take all way from you and leave you on a street corner….you wouldn’t have to stay there, right?

Are you ready? There is a paradigm shift – a punch line. Here it is:

“Has it ever occurred to you that very wealthy individuals look at “average” people the exact…..same……way?” Think about it.

If for some reason Richard Branson was in a position where he was “only” earning $150,000 per year…..
…he’d say, “Oh, I could easily get out of that situation in no time”.

In fact, there is one wealthy guy who said: “If you took everything from me and gave me a lawnmower, I’d be right back where I am right now in less than 2 years.” Think about it, Why is it possible?

Because wealthy people think differently than “average” people. He’s got the MINDSET OF A MILLIONAIRE
Ask yourself: What does it looks like?….What does it feels like?….and how you can start changing your life and your business? As T H Eker says: “Change your roots and you will change your fruits.”


Picture a tree. On this tree there are fruits. In your business, FRUITS are RESULTS. If you want to change the fruits, you will first have to change the roots (thoughts, ideas, people, education, mentoring, etc). If you want to change the visible, you must first change the invisible.

[caption: How to get rich – The roots create the fruits]how to get rich - attraction and wealth accumulation[/caption]

NOTE: This is not about eating caviar off golden spoons or lighting cigars with $100 bills. Unless that’s your thing.

Maxwell Maltz’s says it this way, “Human beings cannot consistently outperform his or her own self image.” Read it twice – this is a powerful line, This is the reason why people are and stay poor – it is all about self image! So do something about it.

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Please share and comment if you have anything to add on to this post on “How to get rich“.

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How To Get Rich – Attraction and Wealth Accumulation