How To Blog & Grow It In Less Than 3 Months – 7 Tips

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How To Blog & Grow It In Less Than 3 Months – 7 Tips
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How To Blog & Grow It In Less Than 3 Months – 7 Tips

how to start bloggingIf you are in the world of network marketing, you must have been told about the need of driving traffic to your site, or the need to rank your site up the search engines in order to have the greater chance of appearing on the first page.

Generating traffic, that is getting users to visit your site, can be accomplished in many ways. One of the simplest tool to drive traffic to your site is through blogging. You might want to check one of my previous articles how to blog. That is a great tip. Now, the challenge for you is how to create high quality blog traffic. I will be providing some tips that can somehow ignite some ideas in your mind on what strategy to employ but the best way to implement them depends on your good judgment.

How To Blog and Exponentially Grow It In Less Than 3 Months

1. How to blog – Be creative and post interesting contents – Be unique. Don’t rehash beaten topics. It surely won’t get any viewer. Post information that are useful or tell story that creates good and happy feeling to the readers.

2. How to blog – Use good quality photos that tell what your blog is all about – Photos add beauty and charm to blogs and articles. Oftentimes, photos are the first things that readers notice that encourage them to read what the blog is all about.

How-To-Blog3. How to grow a blog – Write regularly – The key to generating visitors to your site through blogging when you are just starting up is regularity. Write at least one blog daily. It might come as a challenge at first but you will get the hang of it as you move forward.

4. How to blog – Optimize your blog for search engines – Take time to learn about using keywords, tags, descriptions, powerful titles, w3c validation in order that your site will be rank higher by search engines. It is the best way of driving traffic to your site.

5. How to blog – Share your blogs in Social Media Sites – Millions of people are using Social Media sites on a daily basis. These sites have become powerful place to create network of people and use them to increase visitors to your site.

6. How to blog – Create links – Read other peoples’ blogs and participate in healthy exchange of ideas. By doing so, you are creating credibility and integrity that people will eventually notice. Leave healthy comments and feedbacks with links to your site. Trackbacks you left on other sites helps a lot in driving traffic to your site through Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

7. How to blog – Keep it simple but appeal to large audience – Create a clean-look design of your blog-site. Your aim is to create a great first impression that will make your visitors keep on coming back. Your blogs must be straight to the point of your subject matter. Add some hilarity in delivering your ideas, but it should not be complicated as to leave the readers confused in trying to figure out what your topic is all about.

Despite all the foregoing tips on how to blog and create traffic, it is your commitment and level of desire that determine how far you can succeed in achieving your goal. There is no such thing as an overnight success in promoting your blog for the purpose of generating internet traffic. The tips given above, however, help tremendously in shortening the time needed to achieve your goal.

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