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How To Live Anywhere – 4 Step Recipe
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how to live anywhere…a few years back, I started reading the book ‘The Four Hour Work Week‘ by Tim Ferris, and I loved his concept of ‘The New Rich’ that we decided to embark on the wireless income.

What are “The New Rich”?

According to Tim Ferris: They are a new class of people who earn mobile income and travel around the world, doing what they love…

…without any restrictions to time or money….

It happened in my life at least 4 times and I try to teach that to my younger brother who is 13 right now. Books are wired, they can totally change your life.

1. After reading: “Dobry” by Waldemar Lysiak – I stopped being a naughty punk rocker and started taking education more seriously (just some: English)

2. After reading: “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho – I decided to leave Poland for London

3. After reading: “Rich Dad Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki – I decided to start my own business and move away from the left hand side of the cashflow quadrant and move to the right hand side

how to live anywhere4. After reading: “The Four Hour Work Week” by Tim Ferris I decided to start our Wireless Income journey.

Right now, I joke that I am afraid to read more books because who knows where I will end up next….

I’ve personally taken the concepts of ‘The Four Hour Work Week’ explained by Tim Ferris to totally change the way we lived, and thought about business that could help us support our “how to live anywhere” lifestyle. We’ve used this concepts to move first to Maldives and then to Malaysia and travel the world.

So what is the formula for “how to live anywhere”?

how to live anywhere1. Pick a cool place you really would love to live.

Let me give you a hint: – it could be ANYWHERE as long as it has the internet connection. So virtually no limitations 🙂

Can you imagine how many are out there who would like to take on “how to live anywhere” journey and earn at the same time?

2. Name the exact “‘Wireless Income” figure that you need to make per month, to be able to live anywhere.

Do you know what the coolest part is of the wireless income or the “how to live anywhere” concept? Living in some exotic location abroad will most likely be much cheaper than living in any other first world countries. Watch this video interview bellow with Justin and see how much he pays for living in Costa Rica and hiring cleaners and cooks …. it is so much less than you think.

3. Now, take monthly figure that you selected and break it down into a daily average and pick a marketing strategy that will take you there.

Watch this video and see our business partner David Wood interviewing Justin and he shares how he got his first $10,000 in a month, reduced him phone time by 75% and follow a simple formula and …

the cool thing is he is just getting started with his journey on “how to live anywhere“….

4. Enjoy living your dream 🙂
That’s what it takes!

Here’s another cool thing:

If you’re joining our “Ten Ten Formula” we will guide you how to achieve your dreams, and live in any wireless income location you choose to.

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How To Live Anywhere – 4 Step Recipe