How To Make Money Blogging Part 2 – 5 Things To Write About

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How To Make Money Blogging Part 2 – 5 Things To Write About
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Following Part 1 of How To Make Money Blogging…


What do you write about if you want to know “how to make money blogging“, that is a question that many bloggers constantly ask about. I will give you a shortcut.

This shortcut comes from understanding what people actually search for. When you get to think of it, we all search in a similar way.

These 5 categories that I have prepared for you will cover around 80% of searches done online.

Part 2 of How To Make Money Blogging – 5 Things You Can Write About

1. Hot News – I have just recently watched a great training by Chris Record who was explaining this powerful concept of riding on the back of the news.

He shared his example when he wrote a post after GoDaddy’s servers went down, it was a major news online as they host millions of domains. So he collected information from other articles and posts, quoted them and rephrased some of the content and shared it. He received a tsunami of traffic, got flooded with leads and he made good money from all the affiliate sales.

Around 6 months ago, we decided to test this strategy, when Zeek rewards collapsed we wrote a post about it, actually in our case it was not instant. We wrote about 20 hours after the news broke out and within 48 hours we received around 1,300 visitors to our blog.


2. Tips and Strategies – people constantly search internet for tips and strategies. e.g.

    – Tips to save money
    – Strategies to drive traffic
    – Tips to kiss better
    – Strategies to pick a date etc.

Do your own research in your area of interest, use Google Keyword Tool to find out the exact volume of monthly search.

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3. How to – you might have probably noticed that this post belongs to this category – how to make money blogging. It is one of the categories the people search for a lot.

Many authors use this strategy to get potential readers to buy their books. Great example is world’s famous bestseller by Dale Carnagie, that was written in 1936 and sold over 15 million copies worldwide : “How to win friends and influence people”

4. Review – write a review about:

    – new product that has been just launched to the market e.g. iPad, iPhone
    software that you have used and you would recommend e.g. Aweber,
    online program that you have participated and it helped you to get results e.g. Empower Network, Ten Ten Formula
    people that has influenced you – Tony Robbins, Chris Howard, Dave Sharpe, etc

Great thing about reviews is that, people who search for reviews they are very close to making decision about buying. That makes it really high quality traffic.

5. Top Lists – last but not least

A great strategy to save time is to search for ready compiled list of top 10, top 50, top 100.

Couple of months ago we tested this strategy and we wrote a post, I was really curious if it would drive us any traffic as we have just listed the Top 50 MLM Companies In The World, when I checked our analytics this post has driven consistently for us 50 visitors every day for at least one year.

If you enjoyed the second part of the series how to make money blogging, leave some comments below, share it.

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How To Make Money Blogging Part 2 – 5 Things To Write About