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How to Make Money Blogging – Part 3 – The Mindset
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Congratulations, you have made it already to day 3. If you have not seen the first two parts here they are.

Today I want to share with you the importance of the right mindset while making money blogging. I will introduce to you two very simple but very powerful concepts. It even might sounds like common sense, but as we all know the common sense is not that common. We also know that knowing and not doing is not knowing.

How to Make Money Blogging – 90 day challenge

how to make money blogging pt3

Let’s get right into it.

If you are serious about making money blogging, I want to challenge you. We both know that every serious achiever started their journey first with making real decision, then committing to it and eventually delivering on it.

There is no difference with blogging, this step is necessary.

My challenge for you is to pull out a calendar and mark today’s date and count forward till 90 and mark the second date. I want you to commit to create 90 posts in 90 days.

While writing the 90 posts I want you to use the principles from the previous two lessons how to make money blogging:

Additionally I want you to apply this principle: ask yourself daily, “how can I improve what I do just by 1% every single day?”. We both know where your focus goes, your energy flows. At the end of the challenge – after 90 days you will have achieved several things. You will:

  • Improve your communication skills
  • Generate leads
  • Gain credibility and authority
  • Create a following
  • and most importantly…

…you will create an online real estate.

How to Make Money Blogging – Online Real Estate

how to make money blogging online real estate

What is an online real estate and why is it important?

Think about it as if you owned more and more properties that bring you monthly residual income.

The same applies online, all the posts and videos that you create serve the same purpose. If you do a good job creating your content (PPP) then you will experience residual flow of visitors to your blog and residual flow of leads and eventually residual income.

Let me give you an example, every single day when I wake up, I have new leads in my aweber as a result of online real estate that grows daily. I want you to experience it for yourself, so I hope you have taken a calendar and marked the day when your 90 day challenge finishes.

How to Make Money Blogging – Feedback

I love hearing success stories, if you have already generated leads or your first money, share your story.

If you enjoyed the third part of the series how to make money blogging, leave some comments below, share it.

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How to Make Money Blogging – Part 3 – The Mindset