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How To Make Money Blogging – Part 6 – Conversion
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“Conversion is all about the ability of understanding people”

how to make money blogging funnelWhen I heard it, I paused the video and wrote it down, that was quite profound. How can it be? Is not conversion more about testing and measuring, A/B testing, Split testing? Yes it is about that, but it all comes down to the ability to communicate in a way that will answer needs, address fears and stimulate desires.

There are several things that successful online entrepreneurs have in common. They are disciplined, creative, they know how to leverage but what is more important they know how to communicate. Often they would choose one or two channels and they would become very good at it:

– video
– email
– posts
– Facebook chat
– Facebook status
– webinars etc

How to make money blogging – Learn to give from your heart

I am guessing your next question is, so what do they communicate?

There would be several layers. First of all: “Leader is able to give without expecting anything in return”.

Most people hold on to the “secrets”, they want to hang onto them, they do not want to share them, if they do, they would do it partially. Basically, they operate from the lack mentality. It is ridiculous when you get to think about it, especially in such a dynamic industry as internet marketing, secret today is an outdated news tomorrow.

Every day there are hundreds of new solutions and tools being created. So learn to give from your heart, give without expecting to receive anything back. Why? Learn to lead with value, real value creates a special bonding, rises consciousness, so that would be good if that is you who delivers the experience. Even if the person just reads it and goes away to make a purchase from someone else. Learn to give from your heart.

How to make money blogging – they want it more than money

Most people think that what other people look for while browsing online business opportunities is money. It is true, but again only partially, most people value 3 things more than money.

    1. Sense of belonging
    2. Next wizard who will take them to the next level
    3. Become more

Let’s break it down

1. Sense of belonging – I know the magnetic power of our online tribe. I have seen reaction so many times.

how to make money blogging“The big difference for us was being part of a team. Now, we work with a group of online entrepreneurs from UK, Canada and US and share strategies that work.

We have a special ten ten formula – ten webinars over 10 weeks – training platform to master driving traffic, generating leads and selling online.

It’s basically like an online gym: you work with an instructor to grow muscles: Facebook marketing, content distribution, video marketing, social media strategies, piggy back marketing, buzz marketing etc. It helps to transform newbie into a solid internet marketeer within 10 weeks“.

The truth is that 90% of people working online do not have such the luxury.

2. Next wizard who will take them to the next level
The short answer is people search for mentors who will help them move faster.

3. Become more
Have you ever wondered why self-development, self-help is such a massive industry? It shows that people look for becoming more. Success is an inside job, success is a journey inside. Someone said “success is not what you get, but who you become in the process” everyone wants to stand tall on the other side of the fears.

how to make money blogging become more

So let’s recap, once you have shared from your heart, selected a communication channel (s), then it is time to improve your communication skills. Remember, focus on sense of belonging, positioning yourself as the next wizard and becoming more, put more emphasis on these things than just money. Only then it is time to use the next gun: stories, testimonies, results and bonuses.

Feel free to check the previous parts. We have covered some very important aspects of how to make money blogging in the previous videos.

How to Make Money Blogging – Feedback

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How To Make Money Blogging – Part 6 – Conversion