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How To Make Money Blogging – Part 7 – Traffic
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How to make money blogging part 7 training…

Did You Know?

61% of U.S. online consumers have made a purchase based on recommendations from a blog (Source: BlogHer)

how to make money blogging trafficIt clearly shows that blogging is a tool of influence that need to be reckoned with. Imagine you trying to buy a new tablet. What do you do before you buy? Most people Google for reviews to understand the features and get customers opinion. If your blog comes up on the top with a review and you have an affiliate link attached to it, you make money.

You might have seen me quoting these statistics previously, I will use them again as they demonstrate a very powerful point.

Did You Know?

81% never make $100 from blogging (

9% make enough to sustain their lifestyle on 4-6h a day blogging

8% earn enough money to be able to support family

2% spend 1-2h blogging a day and make $150K+ a year blogging from exotic locations

When I saw it for the first time several conclusions came to me. First, the same rules apply to all industries, hobbies, sports, entertainment. There is always the top 1-2% that collects all the prizes and rewards and the rest follows it and tries to achieve the dream.

If you are serious about making money blogging, it is important to ask one important question: “what is the difference between the 81% of bloggers who do not make virtually any money and the 2% of bloggers who earn so much with so little effort? Whenever, I asked that questions during our seminars and workshops I would get several answers:

      – mindset, psychology,


      – know how, strategies, knowledge


      – tools


      – training


    – mentors

There seem to be so few things to focus on, but at the same time there are the little differences that make the big difference. Things that most of the average people choose not to take that seriously. It is often taken lightly like goal setting, most people think they know how to do it but they actually do not do that.

How to Make Money Blogging – Paradigm Shift

how to make money blogging paradigm shift

Did you know that past used to be about shouting the loudest?

Let’s go back in time, shall we? Let’s say 15 years ago, before Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube etc. If you wanted to promote your business, if you did not have the funds you would rely on word of mouth recommendations, flyers, small classified ads, or some banners or car stickers that never worked. Alternatively if you had the money and you wanted to dominate the market you could buy couple of ads in 3-4 major newspapers, magazines, radio stations and TVs and everyone would know about what you did.


Did you also know that future is about leading tribes?

You might ask, what are tribes? They are niches. You must have heard of “Niche will make you rich”, ideally if you are a key person of influence in your own niche. I have to give credit for the distinctions and the concept to Daniel Priestley, great young entrepreneur from Australia who I had an opportunity to meet several times in London.

You might ask but how can it help me to make money blogging? Great question, watch the training video that I have prepared for you and leave some comments below. There are strategies that we applied to create our first 5 figures online.

Feel free to check the previous parts. We have covered some very important aspects of how to make money blogging in the previous videos.

How to Make Money Blogging – Feedback

We love hearing success stories, if you have already generated leads or your first money, share your story.

If you enjoyed the sixth part of the series how to make money blogging, leave some comments below, share it.

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How To Make Money Blogging – Part 7 – Traffic