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How To Make Money On Facebook – Story + Challenge
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So how do you make money on Facebook?

“I have tried connecting with people for the last 2 weeks but it does not seem to work for me.”

Good question, How to make money on Facebook?

Facebook is such a powerful platform, it has totally changed the home business, but only for those who know how to use it well. Only for those who mastered the game of connecting and communication.

During coaching, I would often see impatience for results. However, why do we often assume that the art of conversing and connecting on Facebook would be different to any other form of craft? It is a muscle that needs to be developed with practise, repetition, the right philosophy, education and daily improvements.

There are many principles that I personally would encourage to practise:

– OQP – Only Quality People – this phrase coined by Les Brown is very relevant to Facebook marketing as with any form of business, you need to work with targeted audience and quality audience

– MAF – Make A Friend Today – as much as you want to make a sale it is very important to focus on making a friend first and only then look for a potential problem that need to be solved.
– 4 Step Sequence:

  1. Build Rapport
  2. Identify Pain
  3. Tease with a Solution
  4. Invite to the Solution

how to make money on facebookThe most common problem that I see on Facebook is trying to jump the first three steps and go right into the fourth one. This approach need to be called by its name – spamming.

– Consistency – this is where most people fail. Most people would do it for 2-3 weeks and then either get encouraged because of first results or discouraged. Challenge yourself, go on a 90 day program, do daily a minimum of 15 connections.

How to Make Money on Facebook: Power of Authentic Story

There is this natural tendency for a newbie who has not had any results to take on an artificial persona instead of learning to tell your own real, genuine and authentic story. Most people try to connect at the skin level instead of going deeper and forming more meaningful and emotionally charged relationship. The fastest way to achieve it is through sharing your own authentic story and being yourself with your vulnerabilities, faults and mistakes. Let’s look at some examples:

– Oprah Winfrey – who openly shares stories from her early childhood when she was sexually molested by her cousin, uncle and a family friend. Oprah attracted millions of people daily to the TV set to watch how she discussed real stories of ordinary people

– Tony Robbins – he shares his Thanksgiving story and how he grew up around 4 fathers.

– Laura Parrish – shares her story of addiction to alcohol

Most people feel so insecure that they assume that vulnerability should be protected and hidden as it is shameful and embarrassing. Few are able to see that vulnerability is a real power. Your real story is your greatest asset.

How to Make Money on Facebook: Dare to Challenge

how to make money on facebook1When someone is sharing how they are struggling, our natural tendency is to empathise, relate and try to comfort. However, often when a person shares a story of a struggle she/he would often share many limiting beliefs. So whenever we empathise, nod along and comfort them we do a disservice to them, because we reinforce the limiting belief.

Being real friend is often as much about caring as well as having the guts to take a needle and help them to burst the bubble. As a good coach and Facebook marketer, you will come across people who are broke and struggle and they will share with you with conviction the struggle story, so next time have the courage to challenge them and burst the bubble. Look at the examples:

  • whenever you see someone doing 3-5 business at the same time and struggle, ask for permission and challenge: “Can I be direct with you?”, “From my experience you will not make money if you continue this way because juggling = struggling, success requires focused effort”
  • whenever someone skips the first three steps from the formula explained above and sends you a link – feel encouraged to treat it as an opportunity and challenge them: ”I’d be happy to hear about your business, I was just curious about your approach on Facebook because I’ve done a bit of internet marketing and I think I can help with a few tweaks to your tactics if you wish.” etc.

Often a person who struggles, would recognise the good will and will ask for a helping hand.

Opportunity Knock – How to Make Money on Facebook

Commit yourself to master the skill of Facebook conversation as that will help you do anything you will promote. If you want to learn how we brought nearly 100 members to our team using these free Facebook marketing strategies and make money on Facebook, click the button below, enter your details and watch the video. It might change your life.

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