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How to Make Money on Facebook
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“That is not true. I spent 5 hours every day and I have not made any money but I waste loads of time, so how?”

That would be a very common answer from over 95% of Facebook users. And the best answer for all these people would be to follow the instructions:

    1. Go to “Account Settings”
    2. Press “Deactivate Your Account”
    3. Go To Work


Why Facebook Chat? – How to make money on Facebook

When, for the first time, I had a lady from Boston, US, buying from me a product for $1,000 right after a Facebook chat conversation, something shifted in me. I could not believe it for a short while after seeing the money in my account. I was around 12 hours apart, and she trusted me and decided to do business with me.

It is wired when you get to think about it, from your mobile phone you have access to over 1,000,000,000 people.

People who have needs, desire, dreams, problems, people looking for solutions.

As long as you genuinely care to solve problems, have integrity, learn to lead with value (give before you receive), you will be blown away by how many people wanting to do business with you.

So let’s move to the mechanics of Facebook conversations. Here we go.

4 Steps Facebook Chat Formula – How to make money on Facebook

1. Break Ice – Build a Rapport

How do we build rapport online?

There is no difference to the way you would do it with someone that you meet for the first time offline.

You ask questions and you look for something in common. e.g. Diving, travelling, movies, books, music are great topics to pick. Guess what, with Facebook, you have pretty much all the answers ready on a silver platter.

Make-Money-On-FacebookBeing in Malaysia, I met at least 3 people who studied at the same university in London that I studied. I met people who followed “Fedor Emelianenko – the MMA fighter. I met people who love diving and travelled to the same place I did. That created instant connection, energy and deep rapport.

Remember ask questions and listen.

2. Identify Pain

How do we do that?

Exactly the same way as we build rapport, through asking questions, but this time more specific and targeted questions like:

    – how long have you been in the industry for?
    – do you generate leads online or offline?
    – are you already full time? and if not.
    – what stopped you from going full time?

You will be surprised how people tell you everything if you are genuine, built a rapport and showed that you care.

“People do not care how much you know, but they know how much you care”

They will tell you things like. “I do not get good enough support”, “no one showed me how to really generate leads”, “I needed to find everything myself, my upline did not give me any system” etc.

The truth is 95% of people in the home based business industry do not make enough money to go full time. Most people do not have results, training and have not clue how to generate leads online.

3. Fly Fishing – Teasing with a solution

If you built rapport, then identified the pain, it is good to do something called fly fishing.

I like to call it fly fishing, because, it is not about hard sell and trying to push something. You let the bait in the water and if the fish is hungry, it bites. I build further the rapport by giving more value (free training, video book etc). I am looking for people who are genuinely looking.

So how does fly fishing work: You kind of brag about what you have and what has been a solution for you. “The big difference for us was being part of a team. Now, we work with a group of online entrepreneurs from UK, Canada and US and share strategies that work. We have a special ten ten formula – ten webinars over 10 weeks – training platform to master driving traffic, generating leads and selling online…”. Often I hear: “wow that’s cool”, “how does it work”, “can you tell me more about it?”, then we move to stage 4.

4. Gentle Close

As I mentioned, I do not believe in hard sell, I prefer to sniper shoot into someone’s needs. So when I get a question “how does it work?”, I say sure, are you free to watch a video?, if the answer is yes, I say “pls watch this video and let me know after you have finished”

If you are still hungry for more knowledge and would love to learn more how to make money on Facebook, click the link, put your email address and watch the video.


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How to Make Money on Facebook