How To Use This Online Marketing Formula To Make Money Online And Save Time

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How To Use This Online Marketing Formula To Make Money Online And Save Time
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Online MarketingHow good are you at online marketing? Can you break down the process and focus on improving each of the parts separately to get better results?

Couple of months ago me and my wife, we started having this weekly routine. Every Monday morning we sit down together and look at our numbers, analyse our activities and design our week with this simple principle in mind: “How can we improve our key indicators by 10%”. It is an idea inspired by Tony Robbins’s phrase – Constant And Never Ending Improvement – CANI. So before we start improving let’s break down the online marketing formula into 4 separate components.

4 Parts of Online Marketing Formula

  1. Traffic
  2. Offer
  3. Leads
  4. Follow up system

1. Online Marketing Formula – Generate Traffic

Online MarketingTo succeed on the internet you need loads of eyeballs to view what you are offering and not just any eyeballs, but highly targeted traffic for best results.

Riches is in the Niches – we all heard that many times, but do you use it? Do you know how to speak to a specific audience and join a conversation they are currently having in their minds?

When creating a landing page and other online marketing materials, make it specific to the niche you have selected. The common mistake made by many people is that they create a general landing page and they try to advertise it to all sorts of totally unrelated groups (students, mlm distributors, real estate agents, home based business mums, plumbers….).

That will not work, the secret is to be able to “…join the conversation in people’s head” e.g. do you want to do better in Amway? If you display that question in front of Amway distributors they will think that it is exactly what they have been thinking about and looking for it – law of attraction – the secret ?:) And the chances are much higher that they will click on your link and leave you their email address. That is what the game is all about, right? – Generating leads!

Another example of niche: college graduates who are without a job (this is the frequent product of current recession). So the secret is to make it appealing to them, speak their language, a good heading could be: “do you want to work in your underwear? click here”. 🙂

2. Online Marketing Formula – An Enticing offer

Before you generate a lead you need to give something of value as an exchange for their email address. Ideally that should be something that has a high perceived value: examples could include: relevant ebook, 30 min video training, 25 min interview, report, ‘how to’ manual etc.

Some people call it the ethical bribe. You get the gist, right? The idea is to make the offer so good that the person will not mind giving you his email address and ideally their primary email that he/she uses frequently.

3. online Marketing Formula – Leads

Online MarketingThe result of high quality targeted traffic and a good offer will be leads coming to your inbox. You will have them stored in a database something like Aweber.

4. Online Marketing Formula – Follow up system

Remember almost never, people will buy from you at the very first exposure. Research shows that on average it takes minimum 7-10 exposure. The sad news is that with email marketing it will take even more, because we all receive much more email daily than we have time to go through.

So instead of writing an email to every lead individually, why not to create a dripping campaign that will be loaded with value, and should contain your results which will position you as an industry leader and expert. Only then sprinkle your sales offer in between. BUILD your relationship first before selling. That is the secret of people who make money with their list.

Whenever you find some cool stuff, tools, news articles – something of real value – broadcast it to your list. I have personally subscribed on several lists of internet marketers and I can tell you that there seems to be a clear correlation – the more successful the person is, the more valuable content he/she gives away for free.

Online Marketing Formula

Remember your income will depend on your creativity, there is no one school of thought that you need to follow.

Be bold, be foolish and experiment.

Do not get trapped in designing, creating and tweaking as so many people do. Take action – kick ass, break glass. Learn and apply it immediately, there are too many people who spend too much time getting dressed but they do not have anywhere to go to. It is all about marketing.

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