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How To Write Catchy Titles That Convert – 5 Powerful Tips
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Are you reading this article because you were intrigued by the title? Catchy, isn’t it? But wait, there is more to this article than just the title. I did not create the title merely for the sake of persuading you to read this article. I will actually reveal to you 5 tips on how to write catchy titles that convert prospects into sign ups or customers.

How to write catchy titles that convert – 5 tips

1. Appeal to their interest.

copy-writing_factThis is a very important consideration when you are in business and marketing. The best way to get your target audience’s attention is to appeal to their interest. Did you ever notice the ads that appear on the web pages that you visit have topics related to the contents of the websites or content of your email? Another example is, the ads you see on Facebook, do you think they appear on your wall just like that for no reason or because the advertiser is targeting an element of your interest that you have shown on Facebook? e.g some of the pages you “like” are: Robert Kiyosaki, Jim Rohn, Napoleon Hill, some of your other interests might be: business, online marketing, self-development, so you will notice ads that will reflect all that. Smart, isn’t it? Learn to use it to your advantage.

2. Tickle the human innate curiosity.

By creating an aura of mystery in your title, you are subtly forcing their mind to ask question. Once the mind started to ask question, it will try to seek for an answer. And when you have gotten your target audience at this stage, then you have locked in on their attention.

You could start your line with a question. This will jump-start the curiosity process. Or, you can start your statement with numbers. There are a lot of people whose mind are drawn to numbers, possibly because they were given some measurable certainty of what they can get from what they are about to read.

For instance, you could start your line with, “Did you know that you can advertise your business online absolutely for free?” Or, “5 ways to advertise your business online for free!” or “7 tips how to generate leads online” etc

3. Offer something of value.

Offer them something of value that makes their effort worthwhile and at the same time lead them to act. For instance, you could use the following opening phrases that offers something of value to the prospective customers:

“Free SEO updates …”
“10 powerful strategies on how to …”
“The most essential steps to …”
“I have a gift for you…”
“Free ebook on…”

You can follow this statements up with an offer to sign up or buy. You can even be more persuasive by offering bonus if they will sign up or buy right then and there.

4. Write a short but concise title.

copywriting catchy titlesThe purpose of writing catchy titles is to get the audience to read the whole article. There is no point creating a catchy title or subject line when it contains everything there is to be said in the body of the article.

It should also be of similar importance that the body of the article should satisfy the curiosity evoked by the subject line from the audience. Doing otherwise will just create a feeling of frustration if not resentment from the audience that will do harm on your business contrary to your intended result.

5. Use superlative words and punchy phrases.

Audience are more likely to read articles that sound like they are going to be interesting and exciting. Words like “powerful”, “best”, “most”, “greatest” make your sentence appear impressive.

Punchy phrases like, “5 easiest way to…”, “cutting edge”, “most essential”, “most powerful trick…” can make your article hard to resist.

Use of catchy titles help tremendously. But no matter how you often use them, you must make several tests in order to determine which works best or which combination gathers more attention. It doesn’t hurt to experiment. Then once you got a winning line or combination, milk it for what it’s worth. Click on this link for 21 secrets of catchy titles.

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