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Impatient Spamming v Attraction Marketing
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The current economy surged the switch from the corporate world to home based business. Number of people searching for “work from home” exceeds 6 million a day. Isn’t that interesting fact? It also looks promising for anyone who decided to play this game.
Let’s focus on two schools of growing your home based business on the internet.

First School – Impatient Spamming

Currently on the internet we can see so many courses “turn key cash system”, “instant cash mashines system” etc. Here in Asia it is pretty common to see pictures of Facebook Cash Machine 🙂 Unfortunately loads of youngsters fall for it. The impatient followers create a profile, add couple of pictures, invite as many people as they can and then start posting affiliate links. And instead of earning big money paychecks and becoming a millionaire overnight they end up having less time, having totally no results, being frustrated and alienating their friends. Surprisingly, porn sites are no longer the biggest category providing contetnt online. Instead, it has been taken over by more interesting themes like “how to make money online” or even “how to instantly make money online”.

Second School – Attraction Marketing

Do not chase, learn to start attracting instead. Exercise the law of reciprocity, give value and build the Attraction Marketingrelationship first. Attraction marketing, it’s a very old concept with a new name. It has been around since people started influencing other people. Why is it that only some people become famous? And why only some people rise to fame, success, power and leadership?
The reason is because these people are better at attracting other people, they simply master the art of connecting with others.

As BNI – (the biggest business referral organisation in the world) – nicely promotes the culture of attraction marketing by teaching “Give without remembering and receive without forgetting”. That is one of the 7 laws of influence, and this old school is so relevant in building your business on online.

Currently the internet has leveled the playing field because virtually there is no cost involved to reach masses. In the past it would cost big money to produce a video or print a brochure and get it out to the market. Today you can record high quality videos using your mobile and post it on the internet instantly where it is going to reach thousands or even millions of people. And the best part is that you can blast it out at virtually no cost. The people that do this correctly are creating fortunes online. The difference between a professional and amateur marketer is simple and very cruel. Amateurs do it for free.

The Art of Connection

The Art of ConnectionOn top of that if you attract people correctly it is time to connect. There is also an art of connecting. Remember the common sense advise that does not seem to be common “people do not care how much you know, they do know how much you care”. Pretty often I bump into people at networking events who within 2 min from starting the conversation, quickly switch to a second gear and continue the conversation in an interesting way. …“let me tell you about my company”, ….“let me tell you about why our product is the best”, …“let me tell you about our compensation plan” …

There are ways of communicating that attract people , and there are ways that repel people. The above type clearly works as bad breath, people do not feel like sticking around for too long.

Again, “people do not care how much you know, they do know how much you care”.
Instead, do exactly 180 degrees shift. Learn to get people to talk about themselves, learn to get genuinely interested in people, learn to find something in common (e.g. hockey, diving, horse riding). Start asking questions: people love talking about themselves. People do business with people who they know, like and trust.

Talk Less and Ask More

Talk Less and Act MoreTop producers in the direct selling industry: talk less, ask more questions, period. This simple distinction will allow you to tell apart the little fish from the big top producers. Also the same thing applies online. When you connect with a new person remember to do the same. Some people seem to focus on getting as many friends as possible but they forget to connect. You can have 5000 friends but not even one real connection. So forget about just focusing on the number of followers. Instead try the belly to belly marketing, with 100% focus on people and real genuine connection.

Best Questions to Ask:

    Best Questions to Ask

  • What do you do for a living?
  • How has the current economy affected you at home?
  • How are you marketing your business?
  • How are you generating leads?

— Genuinely care!
— Make the other person feel special
— Make the other person feel important!
— Provide real value

Hope that helps. To learn more, click on the free training by Toby and Layla – How to get famous in 60 days on Facebook.

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  • Joseph Lee

    Both methods are not exclusive but complimentary. It is incorrect for a company/marketeer to employ just one technique exclusively. What you term spamming is what, at my time, called Hard Sales. While your Attraction Marketing is what was called Soft Sales (yeah life was simpler then).

    If spam/push marketing doesn’t work; telemarketing companies and sales people who walk around town pushing their products will close down. When it comes to push marketing; it is all about a game of numbers AND activity. This is especially true in the field of insurance and credit sales (bank facilities). They employ a number ratio and as long as you tirelessly work on the plan, there will be sales coming in. One must not stop and forget about failures. Just push on. This group of people requires a lot of constant motivation and support from their superiors; but they do produce results –it’s a case of Hard-Sweat work and is good for certain group of people who posses some certain qualities (never die) but not other type of communication skills –their pro? YOU can do it because it is just a game of number –as long as you don’t give up. It is proven.

    As for Attraction Marketing (Soft Selling), it takes time and a lot of effort to build up a relationship and mutual understanding/respect; it is great really –turning customers into clients and all. But not everyone has the skill and time. The pro? Once you established a client, these clients will normally follow you for a long time and you can harness their LIFETIME value; and they are a lot more tolerant to faults (aka customer loyalty). It is great if you are selling recurrent products; And if you can employ 360 Selling on these people (360 Selling = selling to their friends, family, colleagues, etc).

    A successful marketeer/manager will need to employ both techniques. Especially when we are supervising a group of people. Look at the people and separate them into 2 groups base on their qualities and their preference. Both works if they know how to work on it, just depend on their preference and character.

    The problem is that these people don’t know how to do it. As top line marketeers, it is our job to help both groups to maximize their potentials. Guide these group independently and provide the kind of motivation/support required and watch them flourish –ie, this brings to another form of network building: Coaching. Perhaps another time …. 😀

    Nice write Marcin 🙂 It is good reading. cheers.

    • Marcin Marczak

      Thanks Joseph, yes times have changed. I personally believe the hard core selling times are over. Now is time for leading the Tribe and creating attraction and following. I have personally tried called calling etc but I must say that whenever I get a lead generated by my blog the quality of conversation is sooooo different. I want to speak to people who want to speak to me, that is the essence of attraction marketing. Yes, you are right it takes time.