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Key To Success – Story of a Little Boy
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What is the Key to Success?

Exactly what is the Key to Success?

I remember coming back from a seminar and coming home with this conviction that it is all about Time Management Skills. Then I read a book and I realised it is all about Consistency, then I attended another seminar and I walked out with a certainty that the key to success is taking massive action. Right after that seminar I watched an online training that told me it is all about the right strategy…. I seriously got confused….

Key to Success – HOW TO vs WHY TO

key to successLet me share with you my personal experience. Whenever I coach someone, how to make money blogging, I would often hear: “Can you just give me the how to strategy that I can go and implement”. I have to admit it is a fair question, and I did it in the past but what I found people do not do it long enough if they do not know why they are doing it.

WHY TO is more important than the HOW TO

Philosophy is more important than the Strategy. If you give the how to strategy, most people will drop it after awhile of not having results. You need a strong reason to do a task that could often be boring. Unfortunately, the key to success is often doing boring and repetitive tasks for long enough till you get results.

However there is an even more important key to success. I need to tell you a story that I heard couple of weeks ago and it really touched me.

Key To Success – Story of a Little Boy

key-to-successPicture yourself being in UK, inside a semi-detached house. If you were there, you would have seen a small boy who is holding a ball under his left arm and with his right arm he is just about to knock on the big brown door. He is hesitating because the door leads to his dad’s office. Dad works from home. The little boy is really bored and he finally knocks.

The door opens and he is asking softly with his head tilted to one side “Dad, can you come and play with me, I am bored”. Father straightened up in his chair, being a bit surprised as he was doing his accounting and he was really into it. Now he is a bit irritated because he knows that he needs to finish his work, but at the same time he does not want to hurt his son’s feelings.

He looked at the small coffee table, saw a magazine and he thought of a solution. He pulled out a page from the magazine, showed a picture of the world to his son, then ripped it into small pieces and told “put the picture of the world together and we will go playing”. Little boy took a scotch tape, and all the small pieces and left the room. Dad returned to his work.

However after about 5 minutes, there was another knocking on the door. The door opened and there was his son again being very happy, grinning from ear to ear and being very excited as he was just about to go playing with his dad. In his right hand he was holding the scotch tape and the perfect picture of the world.

Dad was very surprised: “Son, how did you manage to put it all together so quickly?”. Son answered, “Dad it was easy, on the back of the world was a picture of a man – ONCE YOU PUT A MAN TOGETHER THEN THE WORLD COMES TOGETHER”….

Key to Success – Once You Put a Man Together…

Just read the last line again: ONCE YOU PUT A MAN TOGETHER THEN THE WORLD COMES TOGETHER”, that is pretty deep when you get to think about it. I do not know where you are personally, what challenges you are facing, what fears you are fighting but I know that the message applies to all of us.


When you get to think about it harder, the key to success starts with the owner. Success is a journey inside. We all need to feed our minds daily as that will influence our thoughts.

Our thoughts will influence our Emotions…
Our Emotions will influence our Behaviour…
Our Behaviour will influence our Action…
Our Action will influence our Results.


Key to Success – Opportunity Knock

If you want to start a journey inside, if you are ready to put the man together, then click on the link, put your email address and watch the video till the end.

Since I have started the journey myself loads has happened and I wish you personally the same transformation. As once you put the man together then the world is your oyster. So click on the link, put your email address and watch the video – it might change your life.
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