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Kick Ass, Break Glass – Take Massive Action
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Take Massive ActionIn home based business industry there is this fantasy pitched and sold too often: “join my system or my team and you will start making money instantly…” – as if you were about to buy instant noodles…

I’m afraid it does not work like that. I personally prefer to be pitched in a different way: “Come and join our 90 day program and we will help you grow necessary skills to drive traffic, generate leads and that will help you make money”.

I have bad news…. are you ready?

It will be more like going to the gym then going to cinema… as most people would love it to be.

Champions Cross Out or Pass Out

I have met and interviewed many high performers and top producers. There is one phrase that describes their work ethic – “cross out or pass out”. It is all about taking massive insane action.

Obviously before you start moving, it is good to know why you move, which direction to move and what are the best moves that most successful people do to get them there the fastest.

So, you need education. Yes, you need to grow, you need to expand your consciousness first. You need to study and model what other successful people have done, because you do not know what you do not know.

Learning might be cool, it will be absorbing, can be exciting but you have to take massive action.

tony robbins massive action

Admit This – Knowledge Is not Power

If you really think that knowledge is power, why aren’t the richest and most powerful people, those who have PHDs, read loads of books and go to all possible seminars? We all know people who know a lot and do nothing about it.

Knowledge is only potential power, when you combine it with action.

Most people know that, but they don’t really get the meaning of it. Bad news is: Your life will stay the same if the only thing you do is only reading more. You will be an interesting person to converse with, but that does not bring results.

If you take massive action you will actually learn faster

People often ask: what is your secret? What tool do you use? A good answer most of the time is: “Just get off your butt and take massive action!” Do not worry about making mistakes, about grammar and punctuation, just get it out there and learn from it.

The formula is:

“learn it, implement it, see what works, review it and do it better”

massive action progress cycle

Take action – even if you fear, it makes you feel uncomfortable, sweaty or uncertain.

Kick ass break glass, take massive action.

When you take little or no action, you will receive mediocre results. This is the law of the universe, and there isn’t anything that you can do to change it

6 Tips how to take Massive Action

  1. Admit that Knowledge Is not Power
  2. Know your outcome – start with the end in mind
  3. Start Moving – Pray and Walk
  4. Set sub-goals and time limits.
  5. Eliminate and outsource.
  6. Block some time, get rid of distractions

Bonus Tip: The Secret Weapon

If you are still reluctant to take action: you need to know this secret and powerful concept: “5 Minutes Room Rescue” by the FlyLady. Go to your kitchen and set your kitchen timer for 5 minutes. Then, rush to your most dirty room and clean it up. When the timer buzzes, stop and you can start working on what is important with a very clear conscience.

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Kick Ass, Break Glass – Take Massive Action