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How To Attract The Right People Into Your Business – Law Of Attraction
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Law of attraction has been practised for many many years…but it has only surfaced the knowledge of most people because of “The Secret”.

the-secret-law-of-attractionSome people believe in it and some don’t. Think about it, you are a person who loves cars and your dream car is, say, a red Ferrari. You are extremely ambitious and determined to own one. Now what do you spot on the street? Ferrari here and a Ferrari there. It’s going to be like the nursery rhyme, Old McDonald. Except this time he’s going to have a farm full of Ferraris.

Why most people who struggle in business don’t see the positive effect of law attraction is because their focus is totally wrong. “Why am I still struggling?” “Why am I not making any money?” “Why am I not getting any leads?”

Notice the negativity in these questions? You focus on negative, you’ll attract negative. If you focus on positive, you’ll attract positive. Incantations, commands and affirmations are ways of setting your focus positively. Reading stories of successful people who have achieved something in life, you defiantly noticed that they seems to be having and sharing their ability to influence their subconscious mind.

Law Of Attraction – How to attract the right people into your business

Do you know who your best buyer or the best person you want to have and work with in your business? Are you able to answer this question?

Do you know where you can find your best buyer? Age? Preferences? Psychology of buying etc?

I know mine. I am looking for professional people, who are strongly entrepreneurial, self-motivated, ideally with a background of sales or marketing and are hungry and driven to make a change. People who will take action to achieve their dreams.
Here are some law of attraction points that I would like to share with you:

  • Believe in yourself. This is number one. No matter what amazing company you are with, if you don’t believe in yourself, you will not succeed. Period. If you go for a meeting feeling unsure whether you can present in the utmost way, your prospect will definitely see it and they will move away to your competitor.
  • Be crystal clear in your mind of who you are looking for. Who is your “best buyer”? Define your best and ideal person, as a major part of your success revolves around who you attract. It is not about recruiting everybody!!
  • Learn to let go. You will definitely meet time wasters, let go of these people as they will not only waste your time, they will also take away your positive energy and make you a crummy person. What I am trying to say is, stop hoping, wishing and begging. These are a no, no.
  • Maintain yourself. Following the above point, when someone says “no” to you, what do you do? Do you try to show them more proof? Try to explain yourself more? Did it help you at all? This clearly shows weakness, that you are not a leader. And remember, word does go around.
  • When I come across a similar situation, I just say thank you, great meeting you. And if you know anyone who is looking for an opportunity as such, I would be grateful for any referral. That’s it.
  • Practicing being the type of person you want to attract helps. Because you attract who you are, not who you are looking for. Find out where they hang out, what books they read and start practicing.
  • Learn to enjoy the journey. Don’t be addicted to the outcome.
  • Attitude of gratitude. Be grateful for all the things that have happened in your life. Your past experience, the rights and the wrongs, are the things that shape you to be who you are today. Be in this state and you will notice your life changing and operating at a higher level.

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