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San Diego Trip – Leadership Training With Randy Schroeder
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Leadership Training With Randy Schroeder


I gave my body a good test. It was a very busy week. In total I spent around 50 hours on a plane to travel between 3 continents, experienced 16 hours time difference and moved between places where temperature varied over 60 C, in Malaysia was around 30 C and Poland greeted me with solid winter – 30 C. But it was well worth it.

First, it was my annual trip for my brother’s birthday to Poland and then trip to San Diego. I won a leadership training with my primary MLM company to train directly with the MLM legend – one and only Randy Schroeder. He organised a special leadership training for upcoming leaders in various markets across Europe to help us get our businesses to the next level, form cross country relationships and meet some other MLM leaders and mentors who crossed the $1 million and proven to be able to build long lasting business on solid principles.

Randy Schroeder

The track record behind Randy’s success is outstanding. He has over 20 years experience in the MLM arena. Randy SchroederAs a former stock broker at Merrill Lynch, he took his first look at MLM industry in 1990, saw it as an opportunity to get leveraged and residual income and there his journey began. He started with Nu Skin International then throughout his MLM careeer he moved to Rexall Showcase International, Agel and then to Monavie. He net for himself over $30 million USD, created over 20 people who made over $1 millions USD and many more. Randy Schroeder can be easily considered as one of the top 10 MLM professionals in the world.

MLM Leadership Training with Randy SchroederWe landed in San Diego on the 9th of Feb, most of the next day we had for ourselves to relax and discover the city. We stayed 30 min away from the airport in a small place called Encinitas, a quiet and beautiful coastal beach city famous for great surfing.

We met Randy in the afternoon in his house, it was perfect timing to witness from his balcony the sun setting behind the Pacific Ocean. Randy started the training saying: “If I only teach how to make money, I wasted my time and your time”. During the couple of days of the training Randy covered the principles of leadership, wealth creation and many life principles directly drawn from his personal experiences and at the end, principles of how to build long lasting and solid MLM business. Here are some of them.

Leadership Training in MLM

First part of the training was about leadership but from a slightly different angle that I have been learning so far. Leadership is about becoming more. Remember, this business is not about skills as much as it is about vibrations that positive characteristics will produce. So Randy listed character attributes that create the foundation of leadership and encouraged us to measure ourselves on weekly basis and also to put effort to make a small improvement every week.

Foundations of MLM Leadership – Character Attributes

– TTR – Total Transparent Relationship with compassion and love – it acts as a big magnet. Dishonesty kills your business. Dishonesty damages relationships. You are only as sick as your secrets.

  1. TTR ———————— Dishonesty (Where are you from 1-10? Which direction do you travel?)
  2. Humility —————— Arrogance (Feeling to prove or mislead or force)
  3. Being Driven ———- Being Lazy (Driven does not mean obsessive or compulsive)
  4. Selfless —————— Selfish (Are your conversations always about you or others?)

Randy also encouraged us to create a list of all the people who we had conflicts with, broken, unfinished or challenging relationships and make a call to forgive. Powerful process that will change your vibrations.

90 times in 90 days – Leadership discipline

MLM Leadership Training with Randy Schroeder Day 2As we know being an entrepreneur is all about discipline. I must admit that I personally have not met anyone who would match Randy Schroeder on the level of discipline. It clearly stands out that he is different than 99.9% of people I meet. Randy has a list of key activities and he measures if he does them 90 times in 90 days. Remember not only to change but also to stay changed. He said “I do not always succeed, but I always try. It is never about outcome, it is always about making progress.” I love that, having this attitude will make you feel as you are always winning.

I have personally listed my set of disciplines that I decided to test myself on the 90/90 program. For me it is:

  • 30 min of exercises daily
  • 30 min of self-development
  • Speaking to two new people a day about my business
  • Create space to grow spiritually twice a day

Follow me on Facebook, I will keep updating on how am I doing. So far I have done 3 days.

I love the way Randy sold us on importance of regular daily exercises. Daily regiment of exercises for 30 min of getting your heart to beat fast:

  • You will respond differently to crises, upsets, disappointments etc
  • You will have better clarity of thoughts
  • You will respond differently to pressure
  • You will get more done

As we said leadership is about becoming more so do not ask how much money will I make next week, ask how much better can I become next week?

Leadership Training Excercise

At the end of first day Randy gave us an assignment to answer this simple but powerful question that will help you to reveal a lot about who you are. Take a piece of paper and answer this simple question. What would it be like to be?

  • Son
  • Father
  • Sponsor
  • Cross line
  • Personally enrolled
  • Friend
  • Enemy

I have done it and it revealed a lot about me.

Leadership Training – Wealth Creation

MLM Leadership Training with Randy SchroederIt was quite sobering to learn that out of 100 people who make their big bucks in MLM, less than 10% stay wealthy. When you get to think of it, it is just human nature. Loads of people are not prepared to hold money, they have never learn how to manage money. That is why many people who make their first million dollars, they spend 5 million dollars on taking houses, cars and boats on credit. As Randy pointed “Making money has nothing to do with keeping money”, then he taught us the principles and laws of wealth creation.

  1. 10% – Pay Yourself First
  2. 10% – Invest Conservatively etc…

As a present we all got the book, “The Richest Man in Babylon” by George Samuel Clason, and he encouraged us to teach the principles to our teams. If the team members make and keep the money they will not be motivated to look for a fast pot of gold when their volume comes down. He also shared a wealth creation principle that he learnt from one of his mentors: “Wealthy people do not pay interest, they make it”.

Why Network Marketing by Randy Schroeder

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I will write another post on MLM strategies to build long lasting business. If you enjoyed the post please leave some comments and share it on.

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  • Congratulations on your trip, Marcin. I can see how your travels can be very enlightening.

    • thanks Rodney, yes it was great trip, learnt a lot. See you around.

  • Very nice post and very informative. Honestly I have never heard of Randy but from the information you have provided and the nuggets that he shared with guys he is definitely a person of interest. Great post.