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MLM Malaysia  – 6 Offline Strategies For Recruiting
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MLM Malaysia businesses are constantly proving to be a great way to earn an alternative income for some and for others to get financial freedom. Growing any MLM business will require adding more people, so you need to have an effective way to generate leads. From my experience people who have become successful in this industry, they mastered the art of recruiting. They simply out-recruit others. They have a system both to bring new people to the business and to get them started correctly.

MLM Malaysia Warm MarketWhen it comes to MLM we have two types of prospect marketing: cold market and warm market. In this article, I am going to focus on the warm market strategies and cold market will be followed in a separate article.

Warm Markets – MLM Malaysia

Warm market refers to the people you already know. These can include anyone from family, friends, previous customer base and colleagues. Warm market would consist of the 3 circles.

  • First Circle: Immediate friends: your closest relationships, usually between 10-50 people.
  • Second Circle: People you meet on daily basis: at work, customers, sport clubs etc. Usually between 50-200 people.
  • Third Circle: People you see occasionally: social clubs, suppliers, events, etc 300+

Average person in Malaysia who only combines databases in both mobile phone and Facebook will get around 300-1000 names without scratching their head too much. Additionally, if you want to consider an MLM Malaysia business to be your profession I would strongly recommend to get into the habit of collecting emails from people you meet and adding them to your databases: (Facebook, Aweber, Mailchimp etc) and then keep in touch with them via email marketing.

Referral Marketing – MLM Malaysia

Referral marketing is considered to be a possible extension of your warm market if you know what to do. Here the options are virtually unlimited. If we assume that an average person has only 250 contacts and all of the contacts have 250 contacts. Than if you master the art of referral marketing you have access to 62,500 people just by simply sponsoring 1 person. I have met some MLM professionals in Malaysia who have developed this skill very successfully. Tony Robbins shares statistics that 1 referred prospect is worth 15 cold calls. So there is a big incentive to get good at this game.

MLM Malaysia – Offline Recruiting Strategies

  1. Networking events – there are plenty of them in each city, just check places like, etc or just simply visit the traditional business networking associations like BNI, chamber of commerce, rotary clubs etc
  2. Develop a great elevator pitch. Get ready, and know what you will say when others ask about your business or what you do. This can do magic if you do it right. In Malaysia you will meet quality people in restaurants, events, seminars etc so get ready and take advantage of it.
  3. MLM Malaysia business

  4. Targeting professionals – figure out which of the professional groups would most likely be interested in your particular network marketing business and contact them. In Malaysia there are loads of insurance agents, mortgage brokers, property agents, financial advisers and many other professionals who get paid commission, who have already great skills and attitude set and they might be ready to explore new business opportunity. By the way, all of them advertise their contact details as they are looking to get business :).
  5. Flyers – pass them out to large numbers of people as statistically only around 1-2% will get in touch with you. It is loads of hard work, but I have met people who use this strategy successfully in growing their MLM business in Malaysia.
  6. Purchase leads – I personally have never used this method but some people choose to do and they are successful. If you do buy them make sure you know how to call your MLM leads so you can convert them.
  7. Referrals – If you have explained to prospects the nature of your MLM Malaysia business, ask them to refer other people, regardless of whether you have recruited them or not. This skill is strongly underrated in the MLM industry.

Will publish the ways to recruit from the cold market very soon…watch this space!
Please comment if you have a strategy that is not mentioned and share!

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