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MLM Malaysia – 8 Online Strategies For Recruiting
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Following up on my previous article on the strategies for recruiting from your warm market here are the ways that you can use to recruit from the cold market into your MLM Malaysia business.

Cold Markets – MLM Malaysia

Firstly, what is a cold market? Cold market refers to all prospective customers who you do not know or do not have any relationships with. As the name indicates it is simply a cold market.

Online Marketing – MLM Malaysia

Online marketing can help you in cold and warm market as well as automatically build relationships with the existing databases. Currently more and more MLM professionals in Malaysia are looking into internet for help. Obviously, the more leads you have and the more qualified those leads are the more success you are bound to get. Here are the 8 ways to recruit people into your MLM Malaysia business from the cold market:

MLM Malaysia – Online Recruiting Strategies

mlm leads funnel1. A Blog can be a major source of help to promote and improve your lead generating system. Of course if you do it right. In MLM Malaysia scene, there are more and more people who are using this strategy now.

2. Social Networking – reach out to people who might be interested in your product/service but make sure you don’t harass or annoy them, do not do what 90% of the people do, as they do not make money, they just waste time and annoy people. Learn to use social networking sites like a pro. An average Malaysian spends over 4 hours on Facebook, so it’s definitely worth tapping into that!

3. Videos with quality content can actually generate a lot of fresh leads. The better the videos the more chances are that they might go viral on social networking sites. Quality content videos would give your MLM Malaysia business loads of relationship building, educating and interacting passively.

4. Writing Articles will give you couple of solid benefits: you can establish yourself as an expert and this can increase your credibility. More and more people will put their trust in you and eventually contact you to see what business you do. This can go hand in hand with blogging.
Attraction Marketing
5. Attraction Marketing – One of the best ways to enhance lead generation is through attraction marketing. You can find a number of educational resources online for this, like the founder of attraction marketing himself, Mike Dillard. As the name implies: you do not chase after people, you attract them to you. This is also an increasing strategy in MLM Malaysia.

6. Content rich webinars can be a great MLM strategy in Malaysia as they should offer solutions, provide help and they give your prospects an opportunity to see who you are and learn something important.

7. People who come to online message boards like online forums, online advert boards, discussion groups are great potential targets because they are already looking for opportunities. Again, stand out from the crowd do not just pitch and sell at your first email.

Joint Venture For MLM Lead Generation8. Group activities and joint ventures with other network marketing reps can be a good idea to enhance recruitment. You can put together and organise a content rich seminar. I am personally open to great ideas to put quality and content rich MLM seminars in Malaysia, so if you are serious and have some great value to offer, please get in touch. 🙂

On an additional note, if you are seriously looking for generating leads online, you might want to consider investing in professional training to generate leads and convert them. Have a look at Black Belt Recruiting by Mike Dillard.

In addition to the above methods you can also use mailing lists in order to get potential customers to sign up for newsletters and other offers that you have. This is called email marketing. This will keep them in the loop so if they ever decide to buy the product they will sure know where to go. Through keeping a relationship as such, it will help build their trust and they will think of your brand in a positive light which makes it easy for you to recruit people into your MLM Malaysia business.

I would recommend choosing 3-4 strategies and working intensively at those until you have mastered them. At my recent trip to San Diego I met Tim Wilson, great MLM professional. Tim said something that made loads of sense for me: “Some people are just too smart to make money. They try to do 1,000 things 4 times instead of doing 4 things 1,000 times.”

Bruce Lee nicely put it: “I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.”

Your attitude counts and consistency is the key. Believing in your own self and your ability is the first step towards business and marketing success. All the best!

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