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Little Known Secrets Of Attraction Marketing
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How did you land here? Were you searching for the best way to make your MLM business lucrative?

Welcome! You came to the right place .

If you have been serious in searching for ways to advance your MLM business, then I’m sure by now you have already come across the phrase “Attraction Marketing.”

The Old School Strategy of MLM

traditional mlm marketing strategyLet me begin describing what Attraction Marketing is by differentiating it with the traditional, old school MLM strategy.

In Multi Level Marketing (MLM) companies channel their products or services to the consumers through their network of members. Most people start out by pitching their business usually to their warm market, which include friends and family members, as their initial target recruits.

After the known friends and relatives have all been exhausted, the recruitment activity starts to focus on the cold market, who are people that you do not have any relationship with. Many people do it by by using flyers, newspaper advertisements and other forms of marketing. As customer is the blood life of any business, cold-calling and street-pitching have become the norm in recruiting new members to expand your network.

No sales and recruitment strategy has single-handedly put MLM business in a bad light than cold calling. Despite the tremendous amount of energy and money put into this marketing strategy, it was proven time and time again that it was an exercise that led to waste of most precious resources like time and money, that should have been put to better use with gainful result. However, most people do not know about the alternatives.

What is Attraction Marketing then?

Leader in Network MarketingMost people join MLM as they have a burning desire to make a change in their lives, so they will do whatever it takes! Including chasing people around who were not at all interested with your business. Of course, the results are very disappointing and painful.

Then came Attraction Marketing.

All of a sudden, instead of you searching for customers, the customers are the ones seeking you out. You have become the hunted, instead of the hunter. Instead of hearing in the phone “how can I help you?”, now it is your turn to ask this powerful question: “What are you looking for? how can I help you?”

The idea of Attraction Marketing may come to you a bit ridiculous but you wouldn’t know until you have tried and it does really work!

How does Attraction Marketing work?

1. Change your mindset – Cultivate and develop a positive mindset. Nobody gets into business expecting to fail. Everybody wants to succeed in their chosen field. Oftentimes, MLM distributors will find themselves challenged, in a difficult situations. This is great moment, they try to find answers to their problems, they go on google and start typing and they will find you. You can be both the solution and the inspiration for them to be able to figure their way out of their problems.

Attraction Marketing Brand yourself2. Brand yourself – While the traditional strategy of marketing focuses on the product or the services, the Attraction Marketing strategy focuses on YOU as the marketer or business owner, expert in your field. You project yourself as a trusted authority with experience. On the internet: Perception = Reality. Create a reputation of being a trustworthy person. Know that marketing is more of a business relationship than mere distribution of products or services.

3. Position yourself – Keep the Posture – Make clear your quality and excellent standards so that only the serious and most qualified prospects will come to you. You have to project the energy of success. You affirm seriousness in handling your business and your effort and time is too precious to be spent on those who cannot reciprocate your sincerity of creating success. Be both polite and serious about what you do.

Ultimately, Attraction Marketing is all about YOU doing specific activities that attract people to come to you, ask for advice and eventually buy a product or do business with you. The beauty of this method is that, those who get attracted are the people who are like-minded as you are. This method also serves as a filter so that only those who are searching for your kind of business will come to you. Generating leads becomes fun and easy when you build your MLM through Attraction Marketing.

Pause and ask yourself these questions: How would your MLM business change if:

  • …if you learned how to generate 5 to 10 qualified leads per day?
  • …then, if, from all these leads you would only sponsored 1 person every week?
  • …then, if within 2 months you had a team of 10 quality people?
  • …then, if your 10 people could plug into the same system and duplicate?

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