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The 14 Steps Guide to Effective Producing
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Time Yourself

Currently as never before we are surrounded by devices constantly interrupting our flow. We are connected to so many places and people that constantly tempt our attention with latest updates. Additionally, online entrepreneurs have various tools and accounts that instantly show data on new sales, new commission, new subscribers, new followers, new visitors etc.

So, the obvious question to ask is: How and when do we work? What does it mean to be fully focused? Being focused is very important but “HOW” do we achieve it.

As Entrepreneurs we get paid per results not for time. It is very important to use the time in a very productive and a very leveraged way.

Ability to have a single-minded concentration and stay on the course till the task is completed is the very rare skill and is becoming more challenging to practise for the above reason.

Effective productivity

Yes that is true, social media and other tools allow us to leverage but there is a thin line where it quickly can become a very convenient way to destruct yourself and escape the real work, things that matter.

Some people confuse motion with ability to create clear outcomes. Sometimes 30 min of highly focused work on a clearly defined outcome is more productive than “working” for 10h in the office.

Improve your flow to increase your cashflow

So please find simple 14 ways of staying in your flow and getting things done:

1. Start the day planning. This the obvious one but also rarely practised. Remember the 5P (Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance), 15 min of planning saves you 3h of execution and failing to plan is planning to fail. Sounds like such an old cliche but it is so true. So remember to set your productivity goa

ls for day, week and month. Also a great new habit that I am cultivating right now is to do in the evening a list of 4-5 productivity tasks for next day, just couple the most leverage activities.

2. Have clear outcomes not a meaningless “to do” list. There is a big difference between an outcome and a task.

3. Ask yourself WHY do you want to achieve an outcome. Answering the question will give you the following:

  • It might actually show you that you do not need it
  • It will give you the “rocket fuel” to go after it, it can create the emotional connection that will drive to make it happen
  • It might help you to find more effective and alternative in order to achieve the outcome

4. Create an effective producing zone. Have a mental discipline to close down all Effective Producing Zoneun

necessary things that might take you out of your flow of producing. That is: start with all the reminders (sounds, pop ups, etc). Switch off all facebooks, twitters, emails, other accounts etc.

5. Finish the day asking this important question: What have I achieved today? And be honest with yourself.

6. Use stop watch to create a fully focused time. It is amazing what you can have done if you set a goal and go after it 100%. Give yourself a deadline e.g 1h, or 45 min to complete a task.

7. 90% of your time must be spend in MMA (Money Making Activities). In running home based business the only money making activities are: driving traffic and connecting with prospects.

8. Multitasking is not efficient and it lessens your IQ.

9. Do not master time management, master yourself. Discipline yourself. You always have the choice, but the question is do you have the discipline and supporting habits.

10. Create routines for everything you do – so you will dive nicely into it without wasting time into learning and accommodating.

11. Emails are NMMA – No Money Making Activities. Set a schedule to check emails twice aEmails Are NOT NMMA day, no more than 30 min a day!

12. Exercises are vital. If you do not do it, you will have no energy. Period.

13. Pick 1-2 strategy and own it before moving on. Do not make the mistake that so many new online entrepreneurs do. Finding a strategy and moving on to the next exciting one and so on, without spending time to really master it.

14. Create a schedule and stick to it. Block time for certain activities. Create routines so you will just flow into it.

If you know of any other great successful productivity habits, please comment below.

Here’s To Your Success

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  • Mickhyle

    Absolutely Solid.

    Too much people want to do, so little focus.

  • marcin

    Thanks Mickhyle for dropping by and the comment!

  • Very relevant post,and wish to do a couple of things with you in the nearest future… Have a time!

    • marcin

      Hey Kennedy, thanks for the comments, appreciate. Let’s speak soon and see if we can create some synergy together.

  • Hi Marcin,

    Thank you for sharing awesome insight into the success factors needed for anyone looking to achieve greater things in life. Indeed 90% of the people are not following these steps, me included. I need to re-visit my habits and change immediately for the better. Again, thank you.

    Best regards,
    Kim San

    • Marcin Marczak

      Big thanks Kim San for dropping by. Let’s keep in touch

    • Marcin Marczak

      haha, appreciate the honesty. Someone said once that the best way to learn is to teach other people. And yes, we are creatures of habit!

  • Hi Marcin,

    I think the above 14 step guide to effective producing is great. That is how it shud be done. I would also like to add something that i feel is important too. Something that would also help you stick to the 14 step guide. That thing is your ‘ultimate goal’ . What or who it is that u want to become or what you want to achieve in in say 5 years time. The intensity of the need to fulfill your ultimate goal provides the MOTIVATION to achieve that. And it is this motivation that helps you follow the rules and guidelines such as the above.


    • Marcin Marczak

      Yes Athi, great point, start with the end in mind like Steven Covey teaches. Thanks agree

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