• http://margaretrwilson.com Margaret Wilson

    Great Post! It’s always nice to hear what the wealthy really think. :)

    • Marcin Marczak

      Yes, Margaret. The same message delivered by someone else impacts so many more. Kiyosaki is responsible for creating many great MLM distributors with his content and sharing. I wonder why he has not started one himself.

  • http://aprilmarietucker.com/home April Marie Tucker

    This is awesome Marcin Marczak! I love Robert Kyosaki and I did not know the whole truth behind his fascination with Network Marketing! I definitely learned something here! Thanks for sharing!!

    • Marcin Marczak

      solid endorsement to the MLM industry by Kiyosaki, more will follow!

  • http://diamondmlmtraining.com Nicky

    Awesome stuff Marcin – the guy is certainly worth listening to!

    • Marcin Marczak

      Yes Nicky, agreed!

  • http://rodneydaniely.com Rodney Daniely

    Great post Marcin! I did not know that about him. You learn something new everyday!

    • Marcin Marczak

      we do, everyday. There will be more post on Kiyosaki soon

  • http://axelvauxverdi.com/home Axel Vauxverdi

    Thank you for sharing this interesting article Marcin! Robert Kiyosaki is definitely a Master and anyone starting Network Marketing should read his books. Best regards. Axel

    • Marcin Marczak

      pleasure, Robert Kiyosaki has contributed to the MLM industry a lot.

  • http://www.jasonfruth.com Jason F Ruth

    Marcin Marczak,

    This post not only educated me, it also inspired me to continue on my quest for success. Every time I listen to and watch Robert Kiyosaki and some of the other wealthiest people out there speak about the industry we are so fortunate to be a part of, it empowers me to continue my quest to attain greatness within the pursuit of my goals.

    Great post Marcin,

    Jason F Ruth

    • Marcin Marczak

      Great Jason, I agree with you. Robert Kiyosaki is responsible for creating and inspiring many entrepreneurs.

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  • http://superbiznes.eu Tomasz

    Great picture. Simply show how should be the quadrant

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  • http://rmichaeldavies.com/ R Michael Davies

    Well, Kyosaki is a paid personality for a number of MLM companies, as is Trump. He himself participates in a total of “0”. Entrepreneurs are not in MLM, they build a real business, rather than work for someone to build theirs. What is interesting here, is that MLM people are in actually depicted in the 4 quadrants here as Ronald McDonald. The MLM minions are the ones doing the work for the few that own the MLM company. Ask me. I have founded a number of them, and coached many MLM top performers. 5% of those that know the game earn 95% of the total revenue.

    • Marcin Marczak

      thanks Michael for dropping by and leaving your comments on Robert Kiyosaki. His teaching has impacted many in MLM. Especially, Cashflow Quadrant and The Business of the 21st Century. How long have you been coaching Michael?