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Successful Entrepreneurs: Interview With Darren Little
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Stay with me,

What if you could learn that the size of your conscious mind comparing to your subconscious mind is like a golf ball found inside a massive football stadium?

What if you learnt that until you recondition your subconscious mind you will not succeed?

Then stay with me here.

Darren LittleI had the real pleasure of interviewing Darren Little, a very special man:

  • a contributor to Chicken Soup for network marketers with Mark Viktor Hansen and Jack Canfield
  • he shared stage with Tony Robbins, T .H .Eker, Dr Pulo and many more
  • he launched over 30 products and services to market place including launching the career of one very sexy lady called Pamela Anderson in 1989
  • he was founder of and co-founder of
  • he is an incredible and creative marketing mind behind the MLM Superhero.

During the interview, the Duperhero from Vancouver, uncovered answers to the big question so often asked: “Why have not I succeeded yet since I work so hard?”

He shared what he learnt from 3 of his mentors. Tony Robbins, Dr Lee Pulos and Dr Dov Baron

This interview could make a good course, follow these steps:

  1. Protect your dream,
  2. Take ownership and responsibility of your life, move away from victimhood
  3. Tap into personal power and reclaim your life
  4. Learn to make a real decision and how to draw a line on the sand and say “never again”, “no more”.
  5. Discover how to deal with unworthiness and deservability issues that most people suffer from and it is a massive road block on your journey to success.
  6. Learn why you need to do work on your subconscious mind and what are the strategies you can use for reconditioning your mind,
    • – how
      – visualisations
      – proclamations
      – vision board (3 dimentional) cannot be clattered: Vision Boards
      – meditation

Successful entrepreneurs Darren Little interview1Darren told a story how his massive financial crash was followed by incredible learning that created material for his course Unleash The Alpha Within – the beauty that comes out as a result from massive pain.

Some of the resources that Darren Little shared are

As a bonus section, Darren shared the story of Pamela Anderson and launching her career.

Thoughts directed emotions generate feelings, the feelings are creating your physiology, and your physiology is what is communicating with the quantum field.

If you master your thoughts you can master your emotions…

if you master your emotions, you can master your physiology…

if you can master you physiology, so you can master your reality.

So get very clear and monitor your self talks – watch out for any form of: “ I do not feel worthy”, “I don’t deserve”. Overcome them by learning how to love yourself, forgiving yourself and then set boundaries not to allow negative self talk. If you master all four you will master your reality

If you like the interview and you are ready to start your own journey of self-discovery then click on the link below, put your email address and watch the video, it has the potential to change your life.


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