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Successful Entrepreneurs: Interview With Joe Licciardi
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What does it take to make One Million Dollars? How about Five Millions Dollars?

If you really want to learn, sit comfortably, switch off all your distractions and get ready to take some notes.

Joe Licciardi joined me from sunny California and shared from his heart and his experience some real golden nuggets.

Joe has been an entrepreneur all his life, run gyms, restaurants and other businesses, but it was in direct selling industry that he made way over $5 million and on the way he helped to create 13 millionaires.

Joe seeing his dad working very hard had motivated him to own business and also to create freedom.

During this interview Joe shared some real golden nuggets.

  • Being broke at the age of 50 motivated him to make his first million
  • Why you are either all in, or not in at all?
  • How to grab a window of opportunity?
  • Why retractions in your business will get your bounce back and create greater extensions?
  • How faith helps in the business?
  • Keep your hands to the plow
  • What characteristics define a true leader?

If you like the learnings from the interview please leave some comments below and share it on with others who could benefit from Joe’s story.

If you are ready to start your own journey of self-discovery then click on the link below, put your email address and watch the video, it has the potential to change your life.


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  • Wow Marcin!

    That first bullet point grabbed my attention. Broke at 50….we forget that many wild success went through all types of crazy stuff before they made it.

    Thanks for sharing!