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How To Overtake Other Bloggers And Make Money Online – 7 Strategies

The popularity of internet use caused the evolution of blogging as one of the easiest and most pleasant manner of imparting one’s ideas and opinions. Blog, as a matter of fact, is a word not originally found in the English vocabulary but a portmanteau of the term web log that was coined as a result of the advent of the internet. Although there are no hard and fast rules on blogging, there are certain time-tested techniques and methods bloggers should…

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How To Convert Blogging Traffic And Make Money

Blogging has been widely used as one of the best means of directing web traffic to your website for the purpose of generating leads, specially when you use the tips and tricks of attracting the attention of potential customers to visit your site. The next challenge is as important it is how to make your visitors sign up and become leads and eventually your customer.