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How To Make Money Blogging – Part 7 – Traffic

…It clearly shows that blogging is a tool of influence that need to be reckoned with. Imagine you trying to buy a new tablet. What do you do before you buy? Most people Google for reviews to understand the features and get customers opinion. If your blog comes up on the top with a review and you have an affiliate link attached to it, you make money…

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How To Make Money Blogging – Part 6 – Conversion

When I heard it, I paused the video and wrote it down, that was quite profound. How can it be? Is not conversion more about testing and measuring, A/B testing, Split testing? Yes it is about that, but it all comes down to the ability to communicate in a way that will answer needs, address fears and stimulate desires.

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How To Make Money Blogging Part 4 – Education

I am not kidding, this principle is responsible for my break-through and has helped me to go full time. We both know that every person who makes money is committed, everyone who has achieved a high level of mastery has certain daily discipline that are not optional, not negotiable, they do them daily and constantly think how to improve what they do.