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Talk Fusion Review
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Talk Fusion: The Beginning

Talk-Fusion-Leaders-in-MalaysiaBob Reina was doing part time in Marketing when he developed an idea that led to the creation of Talk Fusion. In 2004, he wanted to email a 10-second video clip to his friends but during that time, America Online said that it could not be done. As with the great inventors and innovators in history, Bob Reina did not take NO for an answer. He believed that it can be done.

He sought the help of his IT friend and together, they were able to come up with and perfected a system or program that enables video clip to be put into emails. It was a tremendous achievement at that time. Today, Talk Fusion has reached global popularity in more than 85 countries and still growing.

Talk Fusion: What’s The Talk All About?

If your heart and mind is set on the MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) industry as your primary source of financial support, the beauty and advantage of it is that there are numerous MLM companies that offer wide range of products and services. All there is left to be done is for you to choose the right MLM company that provides great product or services you believe and offers generous compensation package. This fact, coupled with the advancement of technology made MLM business fun and enjoyable. You simply have to master a system by which you can effectively deliver your products or services to the consumers. Especially now, when global recession is obvious and MLM businesses grow very strong.

Talk Fusion – The Products

Talk-Fusion-VideoTalk Fusion offers video email as its primary product which has developed into seven products, namely:

  • Talk Fusion – Video Email
  • Talk Fusion – Video Auto Responder
  • Talk Fusion – Video Share
  • Talk Fusion – Video Blog
  • Talk Fusion – Video Share
  • Talk Fusion – E-Subscription Form
  • Talk Fusion – Fusion Wall
  • Talk Fusion – Video Conferencing

Talk Fusion: The Advantage

The success of MLM business is all about marketing and effective communication. Even MLM company that offers lousy products and services can achieve certain level of success if advertised and presented properly. Of course, maintaining and advancing that level of success is an altogether different matter.

We are fully aware that communication is not limited to words but includes facial expressions, body language and gestures. Oftentimes, the sincerity of a person can be gleaned through the manner by which words are delivered and how one’s body react to the spoken words. By communicating your products and services through video communication, whether live or recorded, you are imparting the energy of enthusiasm and excitement that written words cannot convey. This difference may spell acceptance or rejection of your business proposal.

Talk Fusion: The Compensation Method

Here are the ways you can earn with Talk Fusion:

1. Fast Start Bonus – This allow you to earn an income instantly and fast when a customer purchases a product package upon your endorsement.

2. Team Commissions – In order to qualify and become eligible for team commissions, you are required to build 2 sales teams.

Talk Fusion MLM3. Bronze Maker Bonus – You become eligible for Bronze Maker Bonuses in two ways:
I. When you personally sponsor one associate on your left team and one associate on your right team.
II. When you help your team members achieve bronze within the first 30 days of registration.

4. Mega Matching Bonus – This bonus entitles you to earn additional commissions from associates you personally sponsored.

5. Advancement Bonus – This bonus is given as recognition of your personal achievements as you advance through the ranks. This is given as a one-time bonus every time you reach the next higher rank and sustain it for 2 weeks.

6. Leadership Pool – This bonus is given when you qualify to the ranks of blue diamonds. Associates in this rank or level earn 1% of the total sales volume that is generated.

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By the way, if you are wondering I am not part of Talk Fusion. Please comment and share if you enjoyed it! Thanks.

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