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Marcin & Mari are true leaders that continue to provide ongoing value to the industry. Steady flow of quality content for their team and for the industry in general.

Continued Success

Darren Little
MLM Superhero, Vancouver, Canada
Co-author of Chicken Soup for the Network Marketer’s Soul with Mark Victor Hansen and Jack Canfield.

Marcin and Mari are a dynamic duo!! There knowledge is endless and they share that through their April Marie Tuckerblog! There leadership is outstanding and like nothing in the industry. I am thrilled to work with them because they are true leaders in the industry and truly care about everyone’s success!

April Marie Tucker
Specializing in the Artistry of Network Marketing, Merritt Island, FL, United States

Marcin’s passion is to find people who want to grow home based businesses using the power of Michael Clarkthe internet. To help them be established as experts on the internet using a proven system and to show them ways to create real value to be able to attract quality people to them, instead of chasing for prospects. If you’re looking for this, then you HAVE TO get in touch with Marcin!

Michael Clark
Managing Director, REV Sales Ltd, London, UK

Marcin and Mari are the most dedicated leaders in their field. We are lucky enough to have visited Chris and Susan Beesley with them in Kuala Lumpur this year and hear how they are helping their teams with training and sharing their knowledge to help their team to build their businesses. Nice Blog with great content.

Chris and Susan Beesley
The Six Figure Mentors Founding Leaders, London, UK

Marcin is a world class leader in MLM. Only just after 3 years of his career in the industry Marcin has grown his business all over the world and teaching others how to do the same.
He is also my friend, and a business partner and I wish all ppl around me would be comited as him in both areas in my Life! I can’t wait to meet Mari, as I like her blogs and comments through the internet. Good luck guys and see you on the TOP!

Mariusz Budrowski
Entrepreneur, Founder of Brilliant Builder, London, UK

Truly inspirational story. Marcin is an amazing person and great friend. Keep doing what you do, Dominica Aliciaas You are really making difference in the world.

Dominica Alicia
Social Media Speaker, Trainer and Entrepreneur London, UK

A great blog and a great leader. Always glad to be involved with Marcin as he is a great inspiration and a tribute to the business.

Andrew Mitchell
Purple Opportunity Founder, London, UK

Marcin is a great leader that provide us a lots of training and guiding tools to grow in MLM business, let us give support to the great leader.

Kelvin Chai
Entrepreneur, Johor Bahru, Malaysia

Amazing what Marcin and Mari have built up in the last couple of months. Truly impressed about their success!! x

Anett Wagner

Marcin is a leader and my first impression when I met him in KL I knew he’s a person with a lot of passion in what he do. Good job Marcin and Mari!

CK Mak

I have always admired the consistent determination and energy Marcin and Mari have shown and the hard work they have done and continue doing. They are a wonderful team and i wish them all the best.


I’ve known Marcin for just over 2 years now, he’s a great guy and a fantastic leader… Awesome blog too!! Thanks…

Frazer Brooks
My Shopping Genie, Entrepreneur, UK

Marcin is a truly motivated person and a dynamic guy! He’s been a great leader and knows how to motivate people into getting the best out of them – its been an honor & privilege working alongside him. Thanks for all your assistance Marcin!

Debbie Sophos
Entrepreneur, London, UK


3 words to describe a man of High Caliber!

Al Chan
Oleochemicals + Chemicals
Entrepreneur, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

“We are conditioned to live contently under our full potential”

It is always fantastic to have someone to point out what we have taken for granted & missing out, to get us realigned back to where we should be.

Marcin has been a great leader in many ways & nudges where necessary to ensure things are being carried out.

Great appreciation of his mentoring skill.

Stephanie Ngu
Entrepreneur, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Marcin and Mari are very inspiring people. They sharing they knowlege and live and bussisnes experence to inspire and help others change there lives for better. Well done and BIG Thank You to them!!!

Rafal Skorzewski
Entrepreneur, London, UK

Both Marcin n Mari r wonderful to know . There’s a lot of sincerity in how they go about things that u can’t but b impressed n wouldn’t mind to b a part of wat they r doing. N knowing dat those sincerity comes with a passion to succeed n deep knowledge is just the right bonus to go far. Hav a great journey ahead n let’s travel the world together. Go Guyz!!!

Hanis Eusoff
Feng Shui Master, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

These guys, Marc and Mari, have a true passion not only to build this business, but to use their time, effort, and income to impact people on a personal level. I’m am not saying this to score points- I live with these guys and see them in action day in and day out…They are my family here in Malaysia as I am far from home. I put full trust in them and are seeing their unselfish love for one another and others around. Keep BLOGging! Believe, Love Others Regardless

D Alex Sapp

For the last few years, I have had the pleasure of working with Marcin and his wonderfullytalented wife, Mariyath. This couple were instrumental in helping me to create a foundation for the business ideas I wanted to expand and their support went way beyond outstanding. There is no better business partnership if you are looking for commitment, enthusiasm, integrity and success. Marcin and Mariyath are the best assets anyone could boast in any joint business venture. They put their hearts into helping you to be the best and for that you will love them as I still do. They are sterling.

Mercedes Leal
Principal at Mercedes Leal,Kingston upon Thames, United Kingdom

Marcin is a great network marketing entrepreneur who is goal oriented, has lots of perseverance and self motivation. He is a brilliant business associate to work with.

Rachael Mah
Founder and Executive Director, Happy Kids & Teens, Happy Parents, Sapphire Life Skills Pvt Ltd

Marcin is one of those dynamo people – which can be a bit exhausting! There is no “no” or “can’t” in Marcin’s dictionary, just a very powerful “Let’s find out how to.” He is driven and unstoppable. Which I feel is very useful in a business coach!!

McClelland, Fergus
Owner, Vocaltrademark

I first met Marcin in London, years back. And I am really pleased I did. I have no hesitation in recommending Marcin to help get your work done / help you to think outside the box / better your understanding of wireless based income solutions

Phil Anderson
Owner, Economic Indicator Services, London, United Kingdom


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