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The Kaizen Concept – How To Create A Lasting Change
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kaizenTwo days back, I took a trip to Singapore via coach, it was one long trip, but to take advantage of the time, I loaded my iPod with quality audios.

When you are on the grind doing work and having your head wrapped up around the work, it is always good to take a break and change the perspective, ideally with some quality education.

How Does Kaizen Help To Create A Lasting Change?

The trip was ‘Tony Robbins’ time for me. I have heard before of the word Kaizen but I did not know exactly what it meant. Japanese invented this word to be able to express constant and never ending effort to quality. This idea is something that put Japan back on the world economic map.

Wikipedia describes Kaizen as:

Kaizen was first implemented in several Japanese businesses after the Second World War, influenced in part by American business and quality management teachers who visited the country. It has since spread throughout the world[4] and is now being implemented in many other venues besides just business and productivity.

Tony, shared his idea of the secret behind changing life and having a lasting impact. Him being inspired by the Japanese, he coined his own word CANI – Constant And Never Ending Improvement.

It is both an interesting and very powerful idea that very few people chose to adopt as a lifestyle. Most people aim, hope and pray for a single life changing event like winning a lottery, closing a big deal or something similar, instead of understanding that life pays us for competence and mastery.

Few people understand that the reward come to those who choose to work out when others are resting, they wake up earlier when others are still sleeping, they go later to bed when others are already in bed.

Kaizen_two_pains_of_lifeI have learnt some time ago, that there is always a price that we need to pay, it will be either a price of discipline or a price of regret. So why not to plan it first, execute and enjoy. As they say: “Do for a year what others won’t then live for a lifetime as others can’t.”

“Kaizen” Your Week With A 10% Weekly Discipline

I really love the idea of constant and never ending improvement, because we personally adopted a weekly discipline called “10%”.

How it works, every Monday morning we look at our numbers: we check number of visitors, number of leads, number of sign-ups and we constantly ask ourselves the question “How can we improve the numbers by only 10%?”

Why only 10%? Because it is easy to get your mind to believe, it is fun to brainstorm new ideas and it is exciting to come up with a plan for the future.

3 Steps To Designing Your “Kaizen”

1. Increase Standards – that often comes to us after a humbling or humiliating experience, when for example say, “Enough no more, I will not allow that to happen again” or “I am worth more than that”.

2. Adopt Empowering Beliefs – setting high standards is not enough, we must believe that we can achieve them and keep them. Examples of beliefs worth adopting are:

  • there is a way
  • I can do it
  • I am capable of doing more and I will

3. Strategies – nowadays it is not hard to get the best strategies, they are everywhere, you can just Google or Youtube “how to” and you will get the best guide with ready solutions.

However, if your standards are low and if your beliefs do not allow you to see it achievable, there is no use of these best strategies. Remember, you are questioning your “Kaizen” here.

KaizenInterestingly, most people spend 90% of the time searching for how to instead of working first on the 2 parts above. Tony Robbins says that Mechanics (how to-strategies) is only 20% where psychology (standards and believes) are 80%. Sounds hard to believe, but it is not difficult to picture or maybe even remember a time when you knew what to do and how to do but you just could not get up from bed. Knowledge is not power.

Normally I would write a post that would be 500 words, but today I decided to improve it and write 700. If you adopt the CANI lifestyle or the Kaizen concept, I can promise you couple of things:

  1. It will not be easy
  2. 2. It might even be boring but it will definitely be worth it.

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The Kaizen Concept – How To Create A Lasting Change