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The Real Product is YOU: Attraction Marketing
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What is Attraction Marketing?

The real bread and butter of any network marketing business are the distributors. They are the invaluable assets of the whole company and even in individual teams. But how do you attract these assets to your business? By assets I mean, top and quality leaders. attraction marketing

Nobody joins a business because of the business. They join because of the people. That’s where you come in. You, yourself need to be of substance in order to attract these top quality leaders. Like attracts like. Hence, the real product is YOU. This is called Attraction Marketing. Again let me quote Jim Rohn: “Success is something you attract by the person you become”.

How To Become A Leader Of Attraction Marketing

It’s expected to get rejections in any business. Specially in MLM, still many people assume this industry to be a scam and they reject it before understanding it. Now, imagine if rejection was not part of the equation. How many distributors would be more eager to work on their business every day, knowing that they could only do better than the day before? The key to this is to brand yourself as a leader.

Being a leader proves to your prospects that you have the skills and expertise necessary to succeed in MLM. By attracting your leads instead of going after them, you have the upper hand as you can start the conversation asking “how can I help you?”, “what are you looking for?”. They want to be associated with you and the success you have. To learn more about becoming aleader in MLM you might want to refer to my recent article called 20 tips on how to become an MLM Leader for more information.

Attraction Marketing – The Online Method

To practice attraction marketing online, you need to have social proof. By this I mean you need to show to the world that you are a credible, reputable and respected leader in the industry. The easiest way to show your social proof is to have a blog that answers the questions of your potential team and social network profiles such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Better Networker and so on.

By having the social proof and consistently providing value, you will start experiencing what is called the attraction marketing. You will start getting leads after leads after leads. Of course, you will have to work hard at it for a while, it is not an immediate process, it is a long term strategy, but the results will be residual.

attraction marketing - magnetic sponsoringBut before I go into how you can set up your online system to start generating leads, I want to emphasize on education. I would not have known about attraction marketing, if it weren’t for Mike Dillard, the father of attraction marketing. His book called Magnetic Sponsoring just turned my perception about network marketing by 180%. He says: that people will join you for one of the 2 reasons either they perceive that you are a leader or you have a system that they can duplicate. Highly recommended for any network marketer who would like to become a leader.There are a few steps involved in doing attraction marketing online.

Step 1 Of Online Attraction Marketing

Creating a lead capture page. This is where you offer your leads something of value in exchange for their contact details. It could be a free e-book, a special report, a tutorial video, or an audio recording. The important thing is that it should provide valuable information for your prospect. Once your prospect is in, they should receive an email that
contains a link to even more valuable content.

Step 2 Of Online Attraction Marketing

By then your prospect should be thinking that you really are an expert that they could trust. With an Autoresponder, you can keep in touch with your leads regularly. The emphasis here should be on building relationship through giving value, not selling as most people try to do it.

Step 3 Of Online Attraction Marketing

You can offer something for sale at around your fifth email. It should contain even more valuable content, but should be priced as low as possible. This is your chance to overdeliver value, position yourself as an expert and show your leads a few of your powerful techniques for building their business. It will further show them your leadership and expertise, and may lead to them eventually joining your organization.

Don’t worry; even if your leads decide not to join your primary business. Remember, you are a leader and leaders don’t chase after prospects. Prospects chase after leaders. Once they see that you have the tools and system necessary to succeed in this business, they will want to be part of your organisation.

Personal branding is the core of attraction marketing. Create a powerful brand around yourself, position yourself as an expert and you will find that even if your company fails, you will not be starting from zero again. The real product is YOU – your skills and your expertise.

If you haven’t heard of Mike Dillard’s Attraction Marketing concept yet, click on the link to go through a FREE 7 video tutorial on how to become an Alpha Leader in Attraction Marketing. It’s worth it.

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