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The Secret Of Goal Setting – A Why That Makes You Cry
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Goal setting is boring

Today I want to talk about goal setting, but not about the boring way with making it S.M.A.R.T. There is much more to goal setting than just making it specific, measurable etc.

There are 2 sides to it. If you want more mechanics and techniques you should read one of my previous posts. How To Do Goal Setting To Have Fun And Achieve Them? you will learn there more about the mind mapping, wheel of life and other important mechanics.

Today I want to talk about something deeper, something that will be the glue that will hold it together, something that will be your fuel that will allow you to get up earlier from bed and stay till very late at night. It will allow you to harness resources that you did not think you have available.

Let’s ask some questions about your goal setting

      – Do you know why you want to achieve your goal?


    – Do you know why you are doing what you are doing?

You got it, we will talk about the “WHY” behind taking actions. So few people actually take effort to discover the purpose behind goal setting.

Give me 5 minutes and I will walk you through a very powerful 3 step process and I will share with you a story that will stay with you for a very long time.

Goal Setting with Tony Robbins

Goal setting to do listTony Robbins in one of his trainings shares his powerful 3 step formula for goal setting and increasing the probability of achieving them. After discovering it, I have designed a spreadsheet that I use it on daily basis instead of having just a to-do list.
The system is called OPA, it stands for Outcome, Purpose, Action

Outcome – first you decide on your final result that you want to achieve

Purpose – once you have your outcome, next step is ask yourself the question “Why do I want to achieve, what is my ultimate purpose”.

It is very important as we do everything for a reason and unfortunately most people are not in touch with what really drives them. They are missing on a lot. From my experience I can share that when I connect with a real and powerful purpose and I put it down on paper it will often give me a warm sensation in my body or even bring tears to my eyes. So do it. Experience it.

Action – once you know your outcome, got in touch with your purpose, now it’s time for the final step, to take massive action. So here, you list down all activities that you need to take to make the outcome possible.

Let me give you an example.


    – make first $10,000 online in the next 90 days


      – to bring my wife back from work to be able to stay with our kids


      – to prove myself I can be a full time internet marketer


    – to reward and anchor our success by having dinner in the restaurant on the top of Eiffel Tower


      – join 90 day program with

15K Club

      – educate myself by listening to 15K Formula trainings


      – write 90 posts in 90 days


    – learn to distribute and syndicate content

Goal Setting – find a why that will make you cry

Goal setting why that makes you cryI promised you a story that will illustrate the importance of getting in touch with your “WHY” while doing your goal setting.

I have recently finished reading a book that I heard loads of good things about but for some reason I had been postponing it for very long time. The title of the book is: “Magic of Thinking Big” by Dr. David Schwartz.

In one of the last chapters Dr David shares a story of a lady who lost her husband at a very early stage of her marriage. About a year later she felt some aches and pains and she went to see a doctor. The doctor delivered her a very shocking news that no one would like to hear: “I suggest you get your things in order as you do not have much time left, you have a very advanced case of cancer”. However, she refused to listen, she said that she has a 2 year old baby to look after, if she is not around no one will take care of the baby. The doctor tried to communicate how advanced was the case of cancer but she kept refusing the bad news and she eventually said: I will live and I will bring up my baby, I will participate in my child’s graduation.

The doctor gave around 3 months to live, however a year later she was still alive, 2 years, 5 years passed she was still alive. 10, 15 years later she was still alive, as she communicated to her doctor with certainty she was able to participate in her child’s graduation and right after it she passed away.

Dr Dave Schwartz used this story as a powerful example of doing goal setting with certainty, giving your body that unquestionable command that was even able to change the biochemistry of the body. Story that illustrates getting in touch with WHY, as someone rightly put it:

“Find a why that will make you cry”

Goal setting a why that makes you cry

Goal Setting – Opportunity Knock

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