30th August – Time Is Ticking!

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30th August – Time Is Ticking!
Hey I Know You…Welcome Back! If You’re Struggling To Generate Leads & Sign-Ups in Your Network Marketing … CLICK TO WATCH FREE TRAINING! – Marcin


Hey guys, I am going to ask you a very straight forward question:

“What is the biggest hurdle that you face in your network marketing business?”

“Sorry? Can you please say it a bit louder?”

“Recruiting high quality, professional people into my network marketing business!!”


Ok…that’s better!

Well…no worries, this coming Tuesday, 30th August at 6pm Pacific Time, Todd Falcone is hosting a live webinar sharing his secrets and strategies for targeting and sponsoring super high quality people into your direct selling or network marketing business – only for a limited number of people.

To secure your free spot, click here: Todd Falcone Live Webinar

Who is Todd Falcone?

Todd Falcone is one of the top gurus and a 21 year veteran of network marketing or direct selling. He is a Todd-Falcone-Network-Marketingcoach, a trainer and a speaker who has helped thousands of people, from around the world, in achieving amazing results in their network marketing businesses.

Me and Marcin are big fans of his! And we highly recommend you to experience his teachings for yourself!

Some of the points that will be covered during the free webinar:

  • How to avoid the most costly and amateur recruiting mistake everyone makes when they start attempting to recruit people into their business.
  • How to instantly eliminate fear and create an image of self-confidence and power, even when you are brand new to this profession.
  • Learn the exact words to use that get PROS to say YES to you almost every single time you make a call.
  • How you an easily locate winners in your backyard and never be fumbling around wondering who you are going to talk to next.
  • Where to find tens of thousands of free leads and literally never run out of prospects again.
  • How to get hundreds of people calling YOU wanting to know more about who you are and what you do.
  • How to completely eliminate procrastination and call-reluctance. Once understand this and you’re in motion, you will never procrastinate ever again!
  • Todd Falcone’s amazing method to MAGNIFYING your productivity by 10-fold. This little secret could be the ONE thing that separates you from the pack and blows away your competition.

Remember, it’s only for a limited number of people. To secure your free spot, click here: Todd Falcone Live Webinar, 30th August 6pm Pacific Time

A quick video from Todd:

If you feel that this webinar can benefit your team members or friends, please share!

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