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Unleash the Power of Email Marketing Through AWeber
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Why I Chose AWeber As My Email Marketing Tool

How do you ensure that your product stands out amongst the myriad that shout at you on the internet? Each Google search throws up countless choices and the discerning client has a bewildering choice to make from. According to an internet researcher, most internet users do not click through more than the first two pages of a Google page rank and hence pages that are ranked later hardly get any traffic and thus make little or no business.

However, page ranks are no longer the only method by which business gets done on the internet. Internet marketing now involves having a credible presence on email servers. Unless you have means to harness email through email marketing, you have no hope of prospering. You therefore will definitely need a well designed email marketing software. One of the best email marketing tools available in the market is, in my opinion, AWeber.

Features Of AWeber

1. Basic Features:

As any other email marketing software out there in the world, AWeber also provides the following basic features for the users:

  • Arrange and categorise your clients and subscribers into different lists
  • Easy to create web opt-in forms that you can embed with no HTML knowledge
  • A variety of designed templates for web forms
  • Has over 150 HTML email templates that gives you the option of responding to queries, send newsletters/broadcasts or a setting up dripping campaign to your subscribers in a professional way

2. Advance Features:

  • AWeber’s Autoresponder / Follow Up Emails

I believe in creating and expanding databases; a database of followers that you can rely on for loyalty. A database that you have a great relationship with. And I believe this is the answer for all your future internet marketing.

Considering the volume of emails received nowadays, it is quite difficult for any one to manually answer every email that comes to the mail box. However, not replying is not an answer and by not replying you are sure to displease your customers or potential clients.

Through the autoresponder or the follow up email system, you can:

    – Set up automatic welcome emails as soon as you receive a subscriber
    – Send unlimited autoresponder messages
    – Advance scheduling of the autoresponder messages
    – Variety of templates to choose from
    – Customise templates with your company logo
    – Personalise emails with the subscriber’s name and other information
    – Send emails to different segments within your list

TIP: What I have noticed in my email campaigns is the more personalized the subject is, the higher the open rate. For example, “{firstname}, did you have a great New Year?”.

  • Track And Improve The Performance Of Your Email Campaigns

This is a must for all internet marketers, no question. What you can measure, you can definitely improve. With email marketing, you have to know what converts best for you; what techniques, the right timing, the right length of the email, the subject line and so on.

AWeber tracks performance through simple to understand clear graphs that show:

    – How many and which clients opened / have not opened your messages
    – Who unsubscribed
    – How much revenue you have generated from your messages
    – Who clicked on what specific URLs
    – Who visited a particular page on your website

Such information helps you to analyze which way your business is heading, North towards prosperity or South towards decline, which you can then correct. No wonder AWeber in a span of just three years has garnered over 102,000 clients. This track record speaks volumes of the software’s acceptability and reliability.

  • RSS Feed

aweber-email-marketing-rss-feedI simply love this feature in AWeber. Why? Because I am a blogger, I am an entrepreneur and I leverage my time!

AWeber’s RSS feed feature that converts your blog posts into email marketing newsletters that are then delivered to the target audience as desired. Talk about making life simple!

All you need is your blog’s RSS Feed and specify how often you would like AWeber to send out your “blog newsletter” to your subscribers.

Simple RSS to Email by AWeber Communications


AWeber Customer Support

AWeber has a well acclaimed customer support with 24X7 email, live chat and phone support. Should you run into any buggy problem which would indeed be a rare occasion; the prompt, knowledgeable and expert support representatives are always there to help you. On top of that, you’ve got access to their webinars and video tutorials.

How Much Does AWeber Cost?

OK, we have finally come to the last question. The best selling point of this product is that you can try it out for just $1 for the first 30 days! See if it works for you, if not, you can always cancel your account before the 30 days finish. Click for more information on AWeber packages.

In my opinion, a must have for your work from home business!

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